Monday, July 5, 2010

Where is my favorite Tumble Monkey?

So I made it to Animal Kingdom and started playing with my camera to see what kind of pictures it could take:

I grabbed a schedule and saw that the Festival of the Lion King was starting soon so I made my way over to Camp Minnie Mickey.  The crowds were really low on this particular day:

I got a seat in the Lion section.  That was a new section for me!  ROAR!

I love the Tumble Monkeys.  I must admit that I've had a bit of a crush on one of them.  Unfortunately, he wasn't part of this show.  I was disappointed because I had excellent zoom on my new camera.

Not my favorite Tumble Monkey...

I then gave my video camera feature a try.  I got a few seconds of video from the show:

After the show, I needed to find Donald so that I could have my picture taken with him and my medal.  It was a fairly easy task since I was right near the Character Greeting Trails.  Donald loved my medal and made a big deal about it.

Again, the Christmas decorations were still up, so I had some fun taking pictures of them:

While I was watching the show, I got a message from Tim saying that he wasn't going to be able to make it to hang out later, so I made my way further into the park...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Making my way to Epcot

So I hopped off the Friendship Boat at the Dolphin and headed towards the Yacht and Beach Club area so I could walk along the race course to cheer on the runners.  I would walk along the course for a little bit, stop and cheer on some runners, then turn around keep moving.

I made my up to the bridge that leads to Sea Breeze Point and hung out there cheering on the runners and looking for my teammates.  I was there for maybe 10 minutes when I saw my teammate Lanie.  I didn't have my camera out in time, but I knew that she needed to run backstage before she would enter Epcot and that I had the shorter line through the International Gateway. 

I ran to the entrance and up to where the runners were going by.  I got there maybe a minute before she did and I wasn't ready again!  I followed her along the course until a cast member yelled at me for running onto the bridge into France.  The World Showcase wasn't open to the public yet!

I rushed back along the course and after crossing the course into Canada, I hurried towards the Christmas tree so that I could wait for Lanie there and get a picture of her.

I spotted this, um, gal:

Then I saw Lanie!!

When I saw her the next day, she said how surprised she was to see me all over the course.  I just knew the shortcuts that she couldn't take!

I then made my way back to the backstage entrance in England and waited for friends and more teammates.

One of my coaches and her husband

I finally saw my friend Tim and walked with him to France, all along the way offering him pretzels, offering to run ahead and get him a beer in Germany.  He declined but said he would call me later to hang out.  Since I was in France, I headed back to the bakery and got myself some goodies.

I also got myself some yummy champagne to sip on while I ate my goodies.  I sat down on one of the benches and had many of the runners beg me for the champagne.  Nope, no sharing.  I earned this, but they weren't done yet. 

After I finished, I went back to the bridge to wait for the rest of my teammates.  I saw my roommate and our coach.  Our coach marveled at how much energy I had and how nicely I was walking around after my race.  She told me that my teammate Laurie was a few minutes behind her.  Laurie was the last person I wanted to see, I waited for her and when I saw her, I hopped on the course and made my way around the
World Showcase with her.  I held my poster that I had been using to cheer on the TNT runners in front of me where the bib would be.  There are actually picture of me running the marathon (with Laurie)!

I snapped a picture of her out in World Showcase:

And then one more of her and her sister heading into Future World:

Once we got over the bridge and to the fountains I separated from them before getting myself kicked off the course.  I was able to wander around and get some photopass pictures then I remembered that it was Sunday, and the best park to be in on most Sundays is Animal Kingdom.  And I hadn't been there yet on this trip.  Hmmm...

So that is where I headed!