Monday, November 30, 2009

Just a fundraising update...

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If anyone is able to help, it would be much appreciated. I have a lot of fundraising to go!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I see my new boyfriend!

Day 4 - Our last full day in the parks

DM, DSF1 and I headed back to the Magic Kingdom to start our last day. I considered going to another park, but I really wanted to spend more time there.

Of course, we didn't make rope drop, but I managed to meet this lovely lady.

We made our way up Main St, and I got these pictures in the hub:

I didn't get pictures of all of them for some reason, but I plan on getting them next time. I did get all of the in DL last month. I need to compare the two and see if they are different statues in the different parks.

We headed over to Adventureland. I planned on going to see the Tiki Room, but we had just missed the show starting so we kept walking. Not before I got these pictures for my scrapbooking:

You see, I had done a swap a few years ago. It was an ABC swap. Z was Zazu. It's not like you can meet him anywhere in the parks. Hence the pictures of the sign.

We also found Rafiki and King Louie out meeting people. The line wasn't that bad, so we hopped in line. I loved meeting them! King Louie came up to me and tried to kiss my hand. All he could do was blow a raspberry. I started cracking up and he tried again. Nope, another raspberry. Rafiki then showed him how to properly kiss the hand of a lady. King Louie tried one more time. Yup, another raspberry! Then we posed for pictures:

While we were waiting in lined I spied my next boyfriend, so we rushed over there next. I'll let the pictures tell the story here:

Jack was hilarious! Just as funny as he is in the movies. And you had to look really closely to see that he wasn't Johnny Depp.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Illuminations.. or not? Trip Report Continued

DM, DSF1 and I hope the friendship boat back to the Dolphin and lo and behold, who is waiting on the dock? DB and DSF2!

Are they waiting on the side to head to Epcot for Illuminations like DBF told them to do?

Um… no!

They are waiting on the side for MGM.

DB shouts to me that they are heading there. I wonder if the plans have changed or I missed something.

I say goodbye to DM and DSF1 and head to the room. I tell DBF what I saw. After wondering what was going on, he calls DSF2 to find out what the heck they’re doing. This is yet another instance when DSF2 disappoints and does not take the role of a parent. All he had to do was say that they were going to Epcot and that was it. But nooo! The man did not stand up to his 10 year old son, and now they were at MGM.

DBF and I were NOT HAPPY! We were trying to see Illuminations. It was an EMH at MGM, so they could have gone over there after the fireworks and played for the rest of the night.

Well, we headed over there too.

We went on RnR and got incredibly lucky! The CM stopped us and pulled over a couple single riders. I jokingly asked if we could have the front and she said…….

That was why we were stopped!

We got the front row on the very next limo! DBF was very nice and allowed me and DB to take the front row and he took one of the seats behind us. I really, really wanted to keep my eyes open during the take off, but I gave in at the very end. It was one of the coolest feelings in the world to see that track go flying by.

DBF took the time after the ride to tell DB that he was being really selfish. When we got there, DSF2 was allowing him to run like a wild child back and forth between RnR and ToT. DB didn’t even take a breath to see if his father wanted to do anything else. And it’s not like he was having tons of fun. He wasn’t even riding the rides.

DBF told him that he needed to apologize to his father and do some things that he wanted to do. So when we got to where DSF2 was waiting, DB went up to him and said he was sorry and he would do whatever he wanted to do.

I suggested Muppets since many of the other shows were over and it was one of the things that would be open during EMH. DSF2 said okay, that he would like to do that and the first thing out of DB’s mouth was “AWWWWW!”

I must say that I almost wanted to smack him for that. He had just finished saying that he would do what his dad wanted to do and the very first thing his dad expressed an interest in lead to an attitude from him.

With that reaction we decided to leave the park and go back to the hotel. On the boat ride over DBF and I decided to take them to DTD and go to DisneyQuest since our tickets included that option. We figured everyone could have some fun there and DB is a huge gamer (well, as big as a 10 year old could be). So we dropped off everything in the room (including my phone which would come back to haunt me later) and headed to DTD.

We enjoyed ourselves there. DBF and I did the Cyber Space Mountain (or whatever its called) and the virtual Pirates game. I also played some racing games and tried to fly a plane (not so good). It was really hot in there and I hadn’t eaten dinner. I also didn’t want to leave the building since I didn’t have my phone with me. DBF and I got separated for a while, and I couldn’t find him or anyone else, and I was getting really miserable. Once I found DBF I told him I wasn’t feeling good and needed to get fresh air and food. He walked outside with me and found a bench for me to rest, then he ran back in to find his family.

Unfortunately, since it took so long for me to find him, mostly all of the good places to eat were closed. We wandered through Pleasure Island and almost got pizza at a booth in there, but then I saw McD’s. Score! It would have to be better then the pizza we were about to buy.

I slowly began to feel better with the air and food, but I was really exhausted. That sucked because I really wanted to go to some of the PI clubs. DBF wasn’t in the mood to go to any clubs though, so we called it a night and headed back to the hotel.

Would we make Illuminations the next night, our last night in the parks? You’ll just have to wait and see…

Next up: I see my new boyfriend!

So you want to be on a Disney Podcast, Part 2

Whoops! So I kind of left you hanging there!

So Jonathan and Brian were going to have a new game called the Disney Pyramid and they were inviting their listeners to participate. I rushed my email off to the show (well, actually a week after the first announcement when they said they hadn't had any responses, but then I rushed it off to them).

There was a lot of waiting after that email and I thought I hadn't been selected to be on the show. They weren't having any segments of the game though. In August I got an email from Jonathan saying that I had been one of the first people email him and would I like to participate in the first edition of the game? Heck yeah! I just needed to set up a Skype account and be online when they were ready to record. Done and done.

Of course I was online the night before, waiting like a school girl for her prom date to show up. Twenty minutes after the designated time on Tuesday, I still hadn't heard from them. I got back on my email reread it. The email said one week from that night. Oh, but the email came in on Wednesday, so I guess I was 24 hours too early for the big date.

So on Wednesday at the designated time, I was back on Skype. Jonathan found me early and asked if I was ready. I was nervous, but excited. I also said that I wanted to wait until we started recording before I found out who my partner would be. After hanging out on line (and reading my DVC contract) we were ready to go!

My partner was Mike Newell from WDW Today and Mouse World Radio. My competitor's partner was none other than the famous Bryan Ripper. I went second and my category for the first round was "Grim Grinning Ghosts". I didn't know if it would be just Haunted Mansion, but it turned out to be all things in the parks around Halloween. I did pretty good with them and only got stuck at the end when I had to name the hard ticket event (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party). I had Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party stuck in my head.

My next category was "Really Bad Eggs". I didn't know if this would be villains, but doubted it since the first category was villains. It turned out to be breakfast locations. I got stuck on the first place (Goofy's Kitchen) and got the next one really easily (Chef Mickey's). The third one was the Plaza Inn. I knew it was a Main Street location, but I could only picture it in Disneyland where I believe it is also a character meal for breakfast. Unfortunately, tiem ran out and this time I only got 1. Doh!

My last category was about the World Showcase. I got the tequila bar, illuminations and a third clue. I missed the actor in the show in Canada, and Newell slipped up and gave me France instead of the clues. Oh well!

My competitor won and got to move onto the final. I believe he only got two of the categories though, so his prize wasn't much bigger than mine. The grand prize is a copy of the first issue of D23. I would really like that since I have the other three that have come out since. I guess I'll have to try to get it some other way.

So what did I learn from my experience? Well, really, I need to spend more time in Disneyland. More time in Disney World would hurt either!

Friday, September 18, 2009

So you want to be on a Disney Podcast...

I always listen to Disney podcasts. I've been listening to them for about two and a half years ever since I learned how to actually use my iPod and iTunes. I started with Mouse Tunes. Unfortunately after listening to a few episodes I heard Lou and Nate say that they were ending the show.

I was forced to head back into iTunes to see what else there was. I found WDW Today, the DIS Unplugged, Netcot, you name it. I love listening to the podcasts. I have listened to at least one episode of most of the podcasts. I have my favorites though. You know, the ones that you need to listen to as soon as they are released. (Come on, you know that you can't wait for some of them!)

I also thought it was so cool when I heard listeners on the show. I don't think I have enough to say to have my own show, but would love to be part of a show. Earlier this year, the All About the Mouse podcast held the Disney Feud. It was like the Family Feud, but with the hosts from various Disney podcasts. Towards the end of the run for that game, Jonathan Dichter announced that they would be having a new game, this time involving the listeners. The new game would be called...

The Disney Pyramid!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our next stop was Morocco. Aladdin and Jasmine were out getting pictures, but their line was already closed. The CM told me that they would be back out in 20 minutes and that Genie would be coming out too!

We got some pictures of Morocco:

and then went back to wait for Genie.

When I got in line, the most adorable little girl was in front of me. I asked her if she knew who was coming out and she told me Jasmine. I told her that Genie was supposed to come out too! Her eyes got sooo big and she asked me if Aladdin was coming out too. I told her I didn't know, but that would be a really nice surprise if he did. I sat down on the ground since I was getting hot and tired and the little girl grabbed her autograph book to show me who she had already met. She practically climbed into my lap she was so excited. DM got a really sweet picture of the two of us. The quality wasn't that good though since she was sitting on a bench and had to really zoom in on us.

Once Jasmine and Genie came out, we both hopped up and go ready for our pictures. When I got near the front, I had to shout to get DM with me so that she could snap some shots with my camera. I got a big hug from Genie and Jasmine commented on how tall I'd gotten since I last saw her. (Um sorry Jasmine, I am the same height that I was when your movie came out). I guess I don't always look my age. I did get carded 2 weeks before my 30th birthday.

We then wandered north to France (well, maybe not technically, but in reality, that is the direction we would be going). I saw my favorite princess, but alas, her line was closed:

We watched this crazy guy doing his thing:

After this DM and DSF1 decided they were finished for the day and we headed out the International Gateway. I called DBF and he said that he had sent DB and DSF2 over to Epcot so that we could get dinner and watch Illuminations. I was happy with that because that was what I had planned on us doing anyways. Unfortunately, things don't always work out as planned.

Next up: Illuminations or not?

Sorry for the interuption!

I'm running the WDW Maration in 2010 with Team in Training. Please donate to help us fight blood cancers!

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I'll get another post or two up tonight!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lunch with the Princesses!

After leaving my contact info with Guest Services (he said a message was going to be sent to Mark on a pager), we made our way to our lunch - Akershus!

I got these pictures first:

I love the pyramid in Mexico. It makes me really want to travel there to see the real thing (one day...).

I checked us in and DM and I pulled up a piece of curb and waited. Thankfully DSF1 was paying attention because I didn't even hear them say my name. We went in an I met this lovely lady:

She noticed my pin with Tink and the Princess pin and told me about her friends that were on them.

We made our way to our seats and were told how to order our meal. DM got Traditional Kjottkaker, I got the braised lamb and I forgot what DSF1 got. We went up to buffet for our appetizers and I made sure to try everything. I knew then and confirmed with my meal that I am not a fan of smoked fish in any way, shape or form. One of my good friends is thankful because that means for lox for her.

I did enjoy most of the food from the buffet though and I really enjoyed the lamb. It isn't something I cook for myself, but try to have it when I see it on the menu. Mom liked what she had, but it was a little on the salty side for her tastes.

Through the appetizer and entree, these lovely ladies visited us:

I told Ariel that I had just watched her movie and she commented about her friend Belle reading her book (over and over).

Then a non-princess surprise:

At least I am not this pale:

And then dessert:

I loved the rice pudding type dessert. I would go back just for that!

After our lunch with the princesses, we went out to explore the World Showcase. At the time I was signed up for a scrapbooking swap for the countries in Epcot. Because of that I wanted to make sure that I got pictures of each country. We went back and snapped a few of Mexico and then got a few more of Norway.

There was a band playing and DM started dancing around and the gentleman in the band started dancing with her. My camera wasn't quick enough though so I didn't end up with a good picture.

We then headed over to China and I got a nice picture of DM and DSF1:

I also got a picture of our hotel from across the lagoon:

I got this picture of a lovely flower (water lilly?):

and then headed inside to see the China Pavillion:

I was upset to find out that they don't have bubble tea in China. It is something that we get everytime we head to Chinatown and we recently started buying some tapioca pearls at the Korean market and making our own at home. Maybe they'll have it next time.

We walked by the African out post. I didn't get any pictures there.

We then found ourselves in Germany:

I wandered around the store there and contemplated buying myself a pickle ornament, but I decided to have a glass of wine. I got myself some Riesling and then got a Milka white chocolate bar. White chocolate and Riesling go together remarkably well. The wine was good, but I have a particular vineyard that I love. (Dr. Loosen - I'll be picking up a few more bottles this weekend when I go home to my cousin's wedding). We sat down to relax and enjoy the square. I got some pictures before we left for our next country:

Our next stop was where half of my family comes from: ITALY!!!

DM's feet were starting to really hurt her. I told her to wear sneakers and not sandals, or to at least put the moleskin on ahead of time, but she didn't listen to me. I sat down and watched the mime, Sergio (?).

He was really funny. I watched the whole show and then walked around taking some pictures of the faux Venice.

DM told me to take this last picture. I have another one that is a portrait view. I printed is up in 8x10 and just need to get a frame for it. The colors of the building and the sky blend perfectly with the pictures I have of San Filipe de Neri in Albequerque.

We walked through the American Adventure stopping only for a few pictures. Maybe on my next trip I'll spend some time looking around here.

Next: We finish our trip around the world!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fantasyland expansion rumors are true! (and other D23 news)

News from the D23 expo!!!

Fantasyland at Walt Disney World will nearly double in size by 2013. This will be the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history!

A link to a video of the announcements: here

According to DisneyParks and D23 Tweets (and many of the guests in attendance), the expansion will include:

-meeting princess in their own fairy tale worlds

-Cinderella will transform from servant to princess right in front of the guest eyes

-Be Our Guest restaurant with immersive experience

-Gaston Tavern

-Little Mermaid e-ticket attraction (will be a duplicate of one being added to California Adventure)

-Dueling Dumbos with interactive games while you wait (with no queue)

-no changes to the existing Fantasyland, 2012 for Princesses, 2013 for Fairies

-Toontown will be gone. No set date for closing.

-Toontown train depot will be re-themed for Fantasyland

Other Disney news:

Disney Cruise Line:
-Castaway Cay will be expanding with a waterpark on the island
-Wonder will be relocating to the West coast
-Wonder will be cruising to Alaska in 2011

Disney Vacation Club:
-Hawaii resort will be opening in 2011
-experience will retell Hawaii legends

Hong Kong Disneyland:
-will be adding 3 new lands

Tomorrowland? (will elaborate more as I get more information)
-Buzz Lightyear and Kim Possible
-more interactive experiences

Disney California Adventure:
-Carsland, including:
-Luigi's Flying Tires
-Cozy Cone with cone themed food
-Radiator Springs Racers

Star Tours (will debut in Disneyland, in Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2011):
-3D revamp of ride
-guests will be podracing in 3D

I'll have more news later today and I'll update any inaccuracies as I learn more!

Like to Orlando Sentinal's Fantasyland information here

Trying to Track Down an Old Friend

So as when I left, we were just finishing up our breakfast and heading up Main Street. We didn't get very far. We ran into these guys:

We watched them for a little bit and then DM and I turned to each other and said "We can see Mark doing this"

You see, Mark was a friend of mine when I was a freshman in high school. He was a senior (ok I had crush on him - silly 14 year old that I was). We were both in the school musical together. He was really good at performing. His sister used to work with DM so I had always heard about what he was up to in general terms. I knew that he had interned at Disney (I assume college program) and he had ended up staying there and working for Disney. I had heard that he was going to go to law school recently, but I don't know the truth to that. All that being said, here is the reason to my story.

Since it was now Monday we could call DM's office and figure out a way to contact Mark. We found out that he is currently at Epcot. That was great news since we were heading over there for lunch!

We kept heading back because I wanted to see Fantasyland today. We stopped for some pictures:

We actually got Photopass pictures on one of the bridges but these never made it onto the account. Of course I didn't find that out until I got home so I couldn't even try to retrieve them. Too bad because they would have been nice ones to print up.

As we were heading into Fantasyland, DB spotted Alice and the Mad Hatter (I'm not sure if this was one of the movies that he watched when we were preparing for the trip). Since DM bought him the autograph book, he wanted get in line and get a picture with them. I also knew that he really wanted to go back to drive the cars at the Tomorrowland Speedway, so we split up and DB got in line with DSF2 and DM, DSF1, and I made our way into Fantasyland finally.

DM, DSF1, and I got in line for Winnie the Pooh. When we got to the front, I told the CM that there was 3 of us. Three adults. Yes, I even specified that because I'm no skinny-minnie, so I wanted to make sure we weren't squished. Well, she put the three of us in the same row. Wewerethisclose! The ride was really cute, but with the Tigger part wasn't confortable considering the seating arrangements.

After Pooh, I wanted to go on Peter Pan, but the wait was 45 minutes and the FP return was around 1. Um... not going to work when we have lunch reservations. When went over to the next best option... Mickey's Philharmagic!

I loved this. I think it is my favorite 3-D film.

We then started making our way out via Frontierland and Adventureland. Okay, so I just looked at the map and now realize that it is the very long route, but we had time to get out of the park and to our lunch ADRs.

We say this guy:

And these guys:

And even this guy:

I have a picture of one of his cousins from my trip in 1994.

And finally we saw Capt. Jack!

But he ran off quickly because the governor was coming. So I got a picture of this guy:

Once we made it out of the MK, we hopped to Monorail over to Epcot for lunch. I stopped at Guest Services to leave a message for Mark (which he never returned!). Then we headed over to meet some lovely ladies.

Next up:

Lunch with the Princesses!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will DB have to spend the rest of the trip sitting in the hotel room with no TV?

We woke up the next morning and I was so sad because DBF was off to his conference. He got up early and went down to grab breakfast for us. Normally I will pay for the guest option for this conference, but considering where we were this year, I didn't want to waste my money on that. It was really a good option at the other conferences. In Boston, they had a special conference for the Boston Pops, in New Orleans, we saw the Pointer Sisters and a Zydeco band, and in Anaheim, they had a band that was comprised of former Beach Boys and the surviving member from Jan and Dean. This year the special was a dessert party during illuminations, but I didn't was to spend the money on it because we would be doing our own touring when he wasn't in the conference.

Anyways, DBF got back with some breakfast for us. Yummy! DB got up and the first thing that he tried to do was hop on DBF's computer and get on the internet. OMG, I almost ripped him out of the chair. He isn't supposed to get on the computer without permission and there was no way that we were wasting time waiting for him to play on the computer. Besides, why does a 10 year old really need to be on the internet at 8 am? I managed to keep my calm even though I was fuming inside. I convinced him to get his body moving since we were leaving as soon as my parents got there.

Once we got everyone together and made it to the bus, it was a rather uneventful ride over to the Magic Kingdom. We missed the opening by about 15 minutes but I got over it quickly and we got in line for the bag check. DB was carrying the bag with his dad's camera's in it. DSF2 asked for the bags so that he could carry it through the bag check (absolutely reasonable to have the adult carry the bag throught the bag check BTW). DB proceeds to let the bag slip off his shoulders and drop on the ground. I was shocked and shouted his name, but held back on yelling at him since I was trying to keep everyone happy and not cause any disagreements. And amazingly, for the first time since I've known him, DSF2 stepped up and acted like a parent. He took DB out of the line and started walking back towards the busses. For a little bit, I could see him and see that he stopped and was yelling (not loud enough for us to hear) at DB.

We continued to go through the bag check and then waited a few minutes to see if they were coming. I figured they might be heading back to the hotel. (I may have even gotten a phone call to that extent.) So we headed into the park and Yippee! One of my favorite characters was out!

I immediately jumped in the line for Pinocchio and Gepeto. I was so excited because I had never seen them in person. The line was a little bit long, but I didn't mind the wait. I then got a call from DSF2 saying that they were headed back into the parks. Good, as much as I know that DB needs to be disciplined, I also felt bad about the possibility of him missing everything in the parks. I told them to hurry up and they got in line with me. (Don't worry, when I have someone join me in line, I don't take extra pictures. Everyone is in one picture at that point.) DB came up to us and apoligized to me and my parents for behaving the way he had.

I started telling DB about Pinocchio and told him that they were Italian. Since we were next in line, Gepeto heard me and started "acting Italian" by pinching his fingers together and shaking his hand up in the air. I can't think of a better way to describe it, but I'm sure you've all seen it.

DB was wearing the POC hat that I got him for the trip and Pinicchio saw it. He pointed to it and started sword fighting with DB. It was so cute. Just a little after the somewhat stressful start to the day.

Next we saw the "bad guys" from Pinocchio right in front of Tony's. (I have since learned that they are Foulfellow and Gideon.) We got in line and were the next people when their handler said that they would be taking a 5 minute break.

DM and DSF1 went to get themselves some breakfast at the bakery while we waited for the guys to come back out. Unfortunately, only Foulfellow returned. I asked the CM where the other guy went and she said that he saw a shiney object and took off running. Just like my cats!

I found my parents waiting in the line in the Bakery still and gave them my order then we went outside to wait. All the time enjoying the sights and sounds on Main Street.

Finally DM and DSF1 emerged and I had my second breakfast of the day. (It turns out that the sad looking croissant that DBF brought back to the room was actually a breakfast croissant with ham in it. I thought it was just a sad excuse for a croissant and left it on the plate. Darn!

We waited a bit to eat our food and then headed up towards the Castle.

Next up:

Trying to track down an old friend.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Date with Steve and Joe

Once everyone was back together, we headed over to my absolute favorite ride in all of WDW...

Rock n' Roller Coaster!!!!!

I have been a fan of this ride for ever! Okay, well maybe it has only been since my last trip in 2002, but that was the only other time I'd been on it.

Everyone went on it except for DM. She held all of our stuff so I don't have any pictures. DSF1 is a musician (by hobby, not for a living - blue grass music specifically ). He enjoyed the recording studio story line.

Once we got through and were getting ready to catch our limo, I looked at him and realized, um, he's got his glasses on. I asked him if his glasses might fall off, not specifically saying why, and he said they would be okay. He then saw how the limos take off. (um, yeah, wait until you see the rest of it! )

We all board our stretch, um super stretch limo, and after a wild ride through the streets of LA, made it to the backstage and safely into the arena, um gift shop.

After this, DB wanted to do ToT but it was time to head over to Fantasmic to get our seats. I love the walkway to get to that seating in Fantasmic. It is beautifully done, but MAN! that is a long walk!

We didn't have to wait too long for the show, maybe 20 minutes.

I must say that I know that everyone loves Wishes and Illuminations, and there are people for whom that is a must every time, but this was by far my favorite. I must do this one every time I go from now on.

After the show we headed out of the theater and took some time to take pictures before leaving the park.

After 3 solid days of DB and DSF2, I needed a break from them and DBF and I just needed some time to relax together. You see, even though they live with us, since they are in the in-law apartment, I go technically go days or weeks without seeing them, so the flight and then two solid days at Disney, plus the dinner fiasco had pushed me to my limit.

But I had a plan

EMH was going on a MK that night. I knew that DM and DSF1 were ready to go back to their hotel, so before we headed back to the boat to get back to our hotel, I passed along that bit of knowledge.

I knew that DB would want to go back there and the DSF2, would take him there because we told him to. DBF would eventually see that this was my plan for us to have a chance to relax, and he would encourage them to head off to the park.

Well, of course, it worked

So they headed off the MK and the rest of us headed back to the Dolphin. After DM and DSF1 left, we got some pictures of the lobby and went upstairs to chill.

Up next:

Will DB have to spend the rest of the trip sitting in the hotel room with no TV?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner with the family ... or when to not let your 10 year old pick his own meal

So I woke up an realized that we needed to get moving to get to our dinner reservations with the family.

Once everyone was up and ready we made our way to the Friendship Boat and over to MGM (yes, I will still call it that for now). When everyone was through the gates, we made our way towards 50's Prime Time Cafe. Along the way, we passed Hollywood and Vine, and we had a brief discussion about going there for dinner instead. I really wanted to check out Prime Time though and conviently Hollywood and Vine had a 30 minute wait for those without ADRs.

So we went over and told our cousins that we were ready for dinner. I went to Dad's bar (that is what it's called, right) with DM and DSF1. I tried to order a lager. For those of you from PA, you know exactly what I wanted, but for those of you outside of the area, and for the cousin tending bar, I had to be more specific and ask for a Yeungling. We sat down and enjoyed our drinks while we waited for our table.

I'm sorry that this section lacks pictures, but for some reason, I didn't take any on the rec room. I also didn't take any of the meals since no one would understand what I was doing anyways.

Once we got our table, our cousin asked DM to set the table and told DB that Grandma didn't allow hats at her table. DB already had one of his 'tudes so this joke didn't go over too well with him. After looking at the menus, DBF and I each decided to order the pot roast and DB stated that he wanted the fried chicken. I glanced at the menu and saw that the fried chicken came with southern greens. No further description. I assumed that could only mean that it would be something that DB would not like. I pointed that out to DBF and told him that DB could probably order chicken fingers off of the kids menu. DBF told DSF2 something in Vietnamese, and there was some sort of discussion, but when we placed our orders, DB ordered the fried chicken.

I enjoyed the pot roast. It tasted wonderful, however, for the price, I certainly think that there was not enough food.

Of course, the fried chicken came with the greens... Well, DBF quietly started telling his dad that it was his fault that that particular dish was ordered and now DB would need to finish it. Oy vey! This was not turning out to be the fun dinner that I had hoped for. I couldn't tell if the waiter sensed that there was some tension at the table or if maybe he was just one of the ones that didn't play as many games with the guests, regardless, he didn't spend a lot of time joking around with us.

Since DB was making dinner so difficult, after the rest of us finished our meal, DM, DSF1 and I left to head out to the parks while DBF, DSF2 and DB stayed to wait to DB to finish his meal. I went in search of a Mickey bar, but I quickly gave up on that idea because I was too stressed out and angry about what a PITA DB and DSF2 were now being. I called DBF about 5 minutes after we left and told him to hurry them up and reminded him that we were not at home and that they were at a place of business so they shouldn't be holding up the table because of DSF2's inability parent his own child by making sure that he orders something that he will eat. He said they would leave and we met up shortly there after.


Here is my tribute to CampbellScott of the Disboards - Miss Cammie, I'm sure you will agree:

Daily Lesson in Parenting: If you are allowing your child to pick their own meal, please make sure that you supervise them to prevent them from ordering something that they think is absolutely disgusting (aka, southern greens).



Next up.

A date with Steve and Joe!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Perfect Storm

So after we all ventured out of FOTLK, we wandered around for a little bit and ran into my Dad's fishing buddies:

The travelling was really catching up with us, the day was really hot and Animal Kingdom is the hottest park on Disney property, so we headed back to the hotel.

My originaly part of the plan was for us to go back to the hotel so DBF could check into his conference. When we woke up that morning, he actually decided to go check in before we left for the parks. I didn't really change my plans during the day to reflect this change, but since we were all so tired, I decided to stick with our plan to go back to the hotel for a little while before we continued the day.

That really worked out to our advantage. By the time we got back to the hotel, the wind had started to pick up. So we headed up to the room and unpacked and repacked our bags. DM layed down on our bed, and DSFs 1&2 both sat down to relax. I layed down next to DM and pulled the blanket up since the AC was on a little too high. As we were relaxing, the skies started getting really dark. Then suddenly...

The skies opened up!

Since we were in the safety of our room, we decided to wait out the storm. It was a pretty powerful storm that would have been really scary for us if we were stuck outside in it. While we were waiting, I think we all managed to catch a few minute of shut-eye.

Once I woke up and realized the time, I got everyone moving because we had dinner reservations to get to!

Next up:

Dinner with the family ... or when to not let your 10 year old pick his own meal.