Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner with the family ... or when to not let your 10 year old pick his own meal

So I woke up an realized that we needed to get moving to get to our dinner reservations with the family.

Once everyone was up and ready we made our way to the Friendship Boat and over to MGM (yes, I will still call it that for now). When everyone was through the gates, we made our way towards 50's Prime Time Cafe. Along the way, we passed Hollywood and Vine, and we had a brief discussion about going there for dinner instead. I really wanted to check out Prime Time though and conviently Hollywood and Vine had a 30 minute wait for those without ADRs.

So we went over and told our cousins that we were ready for dinner. I went to Dad's bar (that is what it's called, right) with DM and DSF1. I tried to order a lager. For those of you from PA, you know exactly what I wanted, but for those of you outside of the area, and for the cousin tending bar, I had to be more specific and ask for a Yeungling. We sat down and enjoyed our drinks while we waited for our table.

I'm sorry that this section lacks pictures, but for some reason, I didn't take any on the rec room. I also didn't take any of the meals since no one would understand what I was doing anyways.

Once we got our table, our cousin asked DM to set the table and told DB that Grandma didn't allow hats at her table. DB already had one of his 'tudes so this joke didn't go over too well with him. After looking at the menus, DBF and I each decided to order the pot roast and DB stated that he wanted the fried chicken. I glanced at the menu and saw that the fried chicken came with southern greens. No further description. I assumed that could only mean that it would be something that DB would not like. I pointed that out to DBF and told him that DB could probably order chicken fingers off of the kids menu. DBF told DSF2 something in Vietnamese, and there was some sort of discussion, but when we placed our orders, DB ordered the fried chicken.

I enjoyed the pot roast. It tasted wonderful, however, for the price, I certainly think that there was not enough food.

Of course, the fried chicken came with the greens... Well, DBF quietly started telling his dad that it was his fault that that particular dish was ordered and now DB would need to finish it. Oy vey! This was not turning out to be the fun dinner that I had hoped for. I couldn't tell if the waiter sensed that there was some tension at the table or if maybe he was just one of the ones that didn't play as many games with the guests, regardless, he didn't spend a lot of time joking around with us.

Since DB was making dinner so difficult, after the rest of us finished our meal, DM, DSF1 and I left to head out to the parks while DBF, DSF2 and DB stayed to wait to DB to finish his meal. I went in search of a Mickey bar, but I quickly gave up on that idea because I was too stressed out and angry about what a PITA DB and DSF2 were now being. I called DBF about 5 minutes after we left and told him to hurry them up and reminded him that we were not at home and that they were at a place of business so they shouldn't be holding up the table because of DSF2's inability parent his own child by making sure that he orders something that he will eat. He said they would leave and we met up shortly there after.


Here is my tribute to CampbellScott of the Disboards - Miss Cammie, I'm sure you will agree:

Daily Lesson in Parenting: If you are allowing your child to pick their own meal, please make sure that you supervise them to prevent them from ordering something that they think is absolutely disgusting (aka, southern greens).



Next up.

A date with Steve and Joe!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Perfect Storm

So after we all ventured out of FOTLK, we wandered around for a little bit and ran into my Dad's fishing buddies:

The travelling was really catching up with us, the day was really hot and Animal Kingdom is the hottest park on Disney property, so we headed back to the hotel.

My originaly part of the plan was for us to go back to the hotel so DBF could check into his conference. When we woke up that morning, he actually decided to go check in before we left for the parks. I didn't really change my plans during the day to reflect this change, but since we were all so tired, I decided to stick with our plan to go back to the hotel for a little while before we continued the day.

That really worked out to our advantage. By the time we got back to the hotel, the wind had started to pick up. So we headed up to the room and unpacked and repacked our bags. DM layed down on our bed, and DSFs 1&2 both sat down to relax. I layed down next to DM and pulled the blanket up since the AC was on a little too high. As we were relaxing, the skies started getting really dark. Then suddenly...

The skies opened up!

Since we were in the safety of our room, we decided to wait out the storm. It was a pretty powerful storm that would have been really scary for us if we were stuck outside in it. While we were waiting, I think we all managed to catch a few minute of shut-eye.

Once I woke up and realized the time, I got everyone moving because we had dinner reservations to get to!

Next up:

Dinner with the family ... or when to not let your 10 year old pick his own meal.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Will we be the rush the Everest?

I'll finish up the 2007 trip report over the next few days then move onto my August free dining report.

As we were finishing up breakfast, I looked at my watch and saw it's 9:20!!! Oh no! Now we're going to have to wait for the ride!

We head through Chester and Hester's Dinorama and we try to make our way to Everest. I got us all turned around before I realized we needed to go under the big dinosaur instead of around the dinosaur. We finally make it to the bridge to Terebithia, um, Asia, and we are blessed with this sight:

Ok, so this picture was taken later from the other side, but it is still pretty impressive.

I grabbed everyone's tickets and got us our fast passes for Expedition Everest. We had some time to kill and the wait was about 40 for standby so what were we to do?

I suggest that we head over to the Safari since that was one of the things I was looking forward to the most.

So we all start the trek over to Africa. Oh man is this park hot!!! This was one of the days that you have probably heard everyone complaining about in TRs.

Well, we get to the safari and WHAT!?!?! HOW LONG IS THE WAIT? Eighty, 80, 8-0 minutes. Um yeah... I could have sworn that all of these touring plans tell you to get your fast passes for EE and they head over to KS. I guess not starting out at exactly 9 am was talking its toll on us.

Well, we decide to head over to Dinoland to hop on Dinosaur, but on our way we see this guy:

He start passing out instruments to everyone and DB, DM and I were handed some:

I had fun and it probably would have sounded really good if the loudest instrument was not given to the person with the least rhythm. A lady was given the cow bell and her rhythm this:

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! (sorry, I am trying to imitate the sound of the cowbell which is neither a ding, bing, or bong)







It was a rather annoying, somewhat steady beat, but not fun steady clubbing beat (although clubbing her may have made the rhythm better )

We did have fun though and he had everyone pose for pictures:

The lady in the Turquoise behind me in the Thunker.

Rather than heading straight to Dinosaur we walk passed some of the animals that were on the way.

After looking around I check the time and realize that we are approaching our fast pass time so we detour to EE.

For the people who think that they don't enforce fast passes, here's a little story for you:

We get to EE and it is about 10:45 and our FPs are for 10:50, but we try to get through anyways.

No rejected.

We walk to the end of the line because it is now 10:46 and surely we will get through on the next go round.

Nope, rejected again.

We head to the end one more time (as does at least one other family, but it could have been up to 3 families doing the same thing). This time we get to the front at 10:48 and the CM kindly (and I mean it, she didn't have an attitude or anything) asks everyone who's entry time is not 10:45 or earlier to please step to the side.

So the lot of us step to the side but remain in the line that we had created and wait...


The CM, this time not as nicely puts out a call for people with 10:45 or earlier...


Will this this ever change???


And we wait..

After the longest minute of my life, the clock switches!

10:50!!! All of us shout and we bum-rush the CM!

Okay, so we didn't take her down, but we all practically ran passed her flashing our now-valid FPs at her as we go.

I'm sorry, but I have no pictures of the queue or ride itself. I was a little nervous about riding the backwards portion of the ride becuase I have gotten a little bit more likely to become motion sick as I have gotten older. The first ride that I removed from my repetoire was the pirate ship (you know, the one that every amusement park has). This summer it took me some time to recover from the Sidewinder at Hershey park. That is one of those forward then backward coasters.


I didn't get sick at all from the backwards portion of the ride either. It was nice and smooth and simply a lot of fun.

Since DM didn't go on this ride we had an extra FP and since I was in a generous mood, I gave it to DB so he could go on again. I then told DM, DSF1 and DSF2 to go over to Dinoland after he got off of the rider and DBF and I took everyone's tickets so that we could get FP for the Safari.

Along the way I saw this beauty:

I got the FPs and headed back to find everyone, but first I took a few minutes to listen to these guys:

We then went to find everyone else. Were they where I told them to meet us?

After we made our way back towards Everest, I was shocked to find everyone waiting where we had left them. I had purposely told everyone to go over to Dino-land so that DB wouldn't get bored. He didn't seem to care too much though that he had to wait for us.

So we gathered everyone up and attempted to head over to Dinosaur! I was really looking forward to this ride because I had loved to Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland and I was told that is was the same ride.


When we got there, the ride was down Oh no! We had planned on doing that and then heading over to Africa, but now we had to figure out an alternative plan. We were near Nemo: The Musical, but the show wasn't running that day. A quick glace at the times table and we saw that we could make it to the Flights of Wonder (?) show if we booked it.

Thankfully we made it and we were able to see some really cool birds along with some crazy tour guide who wandered up onto the stage.

This lovely blue bird is not able to fly according to the CM/handler. Apparently, its wings were clipped when it was very young. Because of that, it was never able to learn how to fly. The poor thing! Oh yeah, I'm sure that we could have had seats closer to the stage here, but it was so friggin' hot that we did not want to be so close to everyone. We went to the back and sat in front of the fans and took our shoes off.

It was now time to go on our Safari. This was the ride I was looking forward to the most in AK. THe FP line was a little long, but the wait was bearable. Once we boarded our vehicle, we were off on our two-week adventure that was so much fun it felt like it was only 20 minutes!

We so some of the most amazing sites:

We thankfully caught the poachers and found Little Red. After our safari, we wandered through the trail looking at the animals before I told everyone that we needed to get moving in order to see the Festival of the Lion King.

Along the way, we saw a steel drum band. DM and DSF1 got married in Grenada and DM has always loved the Caribbean. When the band finished to song that we were listening to, DM shouted out "Yellow Bird". The band, spreading some Disney magic took her request and played the song for her. Of course, she danced and tried to get me to dance, but I was tired and WAY too hot for that. I was a little bit nervous about making it to the Lion King though, so I needed to drag DM away and continue on our way.

We made it to the show and thankfully, there was seating still. Plenty of it. We again headed right up to the top of the bleachers, sat down and took our shoes off. We were in the worthogs section.

"When I was a young worthog...

"When he was a young wort HOG"

This is my favorite live action show in all of the world! I had lots of fun and the music was great.

I am definitely going back to this show again!

Next upom: The Perfect Storm

I'm back from Disney World

I'll post an trip report in a little bit. I seem to be having a problem with my pictures. Thankfully the last two days of were still on my camera so I was able to put them on my boyfriend's computer. I also emailed him some of my pictures so I have them still. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can recover them.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yesterday was our non-Disney day! A fun but hot day at sea world. Shamu is awesome

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breakfast at the Kingdom

Animal Kingdom that is...

While I was planning our ADRs I asked a lot of friends which were their favorite places to eat and Donald's Breakfastasaurus was recommended by everyone who had been there.


DBF loves dinosaurs ...

I love character meals...

I wanted a buffet for breakfast so that DB would not spend the meal complaining...

Yup! Donald's fits the bill! (hehe, pun totally intended)

I originally had our reservations for 9, but I heard that sometimes you can't get in early if you have your reservation exactly at park opening (probably not true, but still) so I changed our reservations for 8:40!!! I really wanted earlier, but that was all that was left, so I took it!

I told DM and DSF1 to meet us at our hotel by 8 so that we could get to the park with time to spare.

We all got up early and DB decided he needed to shower again (we're night time showerers). Thankfully he didn't take long and everyone was together and ready to go.

Before we left we looked out our window at the crazy people running the Minnie Marathon.

So we made out way here:

We went through the special entrance and made our way of the nice, clear, and empty paths to have breakfast with the Man! (I was only hoping that the Big Cheese would be there).

I checked us in and we waiting in line for our picture. It came out so good that DM bought the package for us! I need to have it framed still.

Just as we were done with the pictures, we were called and shown to our table. We quickly placed our drink orders and DM waited at the table (she always insists on watching our stuff, but I didn't have a problem carrying it with me). DBF, DB and I hopped in the line that took just about forever. Little did I know that there were two sides to the buffet and the other one was virtually empty! I found that out just when I was getting to the front of the line.

We got back and DM went up for her breakfast and shortly thereafter, our friends started arriving!

Me and Pluto (I'm only including this because I look ridiculous. Goofy started walking towards us just when he snapped the picture. I shouted out GOOFY! because I was hoping that I could get a picture with both of them. I think I hurt Pluto's feelings... )

Me, DB, DM and Donald:

I really enjoyed this character meal and I am sad that they are moving/removing it. I'll definitely try out Donald's Safari the next time I am there.

Up next:

Will we beat the rush to Everest?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where to Eat for Dinner?

After bidding farewell to my lover we headed over to BTMR and picked up our fastpasses. DB wanted to go on Splash Mountain, but the wait was over 30 minutes and no one else wanted to go on it, so we headed over to DBF's favorite ride...

The Haunted Mansion!!!!

I love this ride to, but DBF really wanted to go on it and thankfully, we were there pre-rehab shut down, so we were able to visit it. We dragged our bodies to the DEAD center of the room, but not before I managed to get us all next to the panel that would release us into the mansion. I don't know how I knew for sure, maybe it was some supressed memory or instinct, or maybe the happy haunts turned me in the right direction. I was at the correct panel though and we broke free, only to hit another line (DOH!) DM being a non-agressive queue-er did not manage to keep up with us, but we all assemble at the end of the ride.

I am very glad that they are rehabbing this ride. I had heard on the podcasts that some of the Doom Buggies has audio trouble and we managed to get one of them. Through the graveyard portion, we heard: "screech, buzz, crackle, fizzle". We also picked up our hitch-hiking ghost!

After escaping with our lives, we went back to BTMR to use our FPs. DM didn't ride. We were on and off really quickly and yet again, I loved the ride. I usually love really big roller coasters that flip you every which way, but this coaster just makes me really happy.

By this point in time, everyone was getting hungry and cranky. We headed over to Columbia Harbour House. I remember eating there in 2002 and enjoying the food (chowda) and I figured that everyone could get something like that or one of the other things on the menu. Well, DBF didn't want soup or a sandwich and he also didn't want any of the fried things on the menu so he started asking if there was somewhere else to eat. I told him that we would need to either get burgers or this. He asked about the reservations that we had made, but um, yeah, that reservation was for 5:45 and it was now 7:30 so that wasn't happening. He remembered eating at the Crystal Palace before and he wanted to try that out. I told him it was expensive and we'd probably need reservations. If he really wanted to check it out, then we could go over there, but once we left this section of the park, that would pretty much be it and we would be heading over to Tomorrowland and the other side of the park. He still wanted to give Crystal Palace a try, so we all treked over. I don't remember what the wait time was, but I do remember the price being more than what we wanted to spend, so we kept walking.

So we had decided not to eat at the Crystal Palace. We cross over to Tomorrowland and as soon as we get there, we see a sign for the Tomorrowland Noodle Terrace. Hmmm... I don't remember reading about this anywhere. Since half of our group was of Asian ancestry and I remembered that Disney doesn't use MSG in any of its food, we decide to check out the menu and thought it looked okay. I believe each of us ordered the beef with broccoli, except for DB who had chicken fingers.

The beef and broccoli was BLECH! Everyone else complained about the beef not being tender enough and I can't complain about that, but my rice was just gross. Since I make rice on an almost daily basis, I know what white rice should taste like. (On that note, if any of you like rice, I highly recommend investing in a rice cooker. I can't eat Minute Rice or Uncle Ben's any more and I even convince Grandma to make her Gulumpkies with jasmine rice. They tasted just as good as always.) DB is the only one who didn't complain about his food. But fried anything is usually good. (Do you believe that people eat fried pickles?) I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

After finishing our not-so-delicious dinner, we headed into Tomorrowland and saw that Stitch's Great Escape was only a 5 minute wait. I've only been on Alien once before, so I figured I had less to compare the new ride to. Boy was I wrong. I absolutely love Stitch, but this was my least favorite ride in all of the World (at least of the ones that I went on). Stitch's breath I could have done without that. DM also didn't like the shoulder harness pressing down on her. She is sensitive to things like that. I think that DB and DSF2 got some of the spit shot directly at them.

We tried to ride Space Mountain next, but wait was too long for us. Sleep deprivation was also catching up to me, but I wanted to make it to Wishes. DB and DSF2 managed to get onto SM (I think I sent them down the FP side). After everyone was back together again, we headed back to the Terrace. You see, DBF and I (okay, maybe it was just me, but I am pretty sure I remember him agreeing with me) THOUGHT that this would be an ideal place to watch Wishes. Never, ever try to watch Wishes from the Terrace. Most of the show is blocked from view. You know, when you try to buy tickets to a concert or play and they are cheaper because they are obstructed view? Well, from the Terrace, these seats wouldn't even be in the theatre. There is no leaning your head to the side to see around any post. After about 2 seconds of the show, we realized our error and quickly moved to better seats. We ended up watching the show from some rocks near the entrance to the Terrace. We know now that we will not be going back to this area for Wishes, but I am sad that we didn't get a better view to start with.

After Wishes, we joined that mass migration out of the park (Moo, MOO!) It actually wasn't that bad until we got to the busses. I think we accident cut in front of a lot of people waiting for the bus back to the Dolphin. I really didn't mean to. We were walking down the middle until we say the sign for the our hotel. I still feel guilty about who ever we may have cut off, because I know I would have been pissed if I was them. Honestly though, it was so crowded, you couldn't tell who was in what line. We did have to wait for 2 busses still, so it wasn't like we jumped to the front of the line.

Eventually, we made it back to our hotel and I rushed everyone to bed because we had a date early tomorrow.

Next: Breakfast at the Kingdom!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mine, Mine, Mine

After journeying through history, we decided to play around with some of the exhibits/games that were at the end of the ride. I can't wait to see what this area looks like after the refurb.

We were still about 15 minutes early for Soarin' so I dragged everyone over to find our favorite Clown fish.

Mine! Mine! Mine!

I love the seaguls. I haven't seen Nemo in a while, so I had completely forgotten about them. We got in line for The Seas with Nemo and Friends. I really love the queue for this ride too. I had heard about is in the many podcasts that I listen to, but I thought it was so cool to be walking down into the sea. The one thing that made me realize we were at Disney and not really in the sea was when I leaned against one of the "rusty" pylons, I started to bruch my hands off thinking they would be covered in rust. They weren't and I touched the pylon just to make sure it wasn't rusty. It wasn't, but it darn well looked like it.

So after riding through the sea on a clam-mobile, we found Nemo (thank goodness! That little boy has got to stay put!). We then headed over to practice our Turtle-ese with Crush. DB did not want to sit up front with the kids, so he didn't get called on. I really enjoyed the show. I know that it is different every time, but I enjoyed the show in DCA last year more than this one. Who knows though? Maybe if I go again I will have the best show yet.

We explored some of the pavillion and DM and DB were eaten by a shark!!!!

I guess the "Fish are Friends, not Food" mantra really only applies to fish. Friendly Florida tourists are fair game. After DM and DB were extracated (sp?) from the jaws of the shark, we headed over to the Land. We ran into a friendly Photopass photographer and had some pictures taken with Nemo. I didn't purchase the CD since we only had about 30 picture taken, so I don't have any to share from that.

We made it over to Soarin' with our FPs and I gave mine to DSF1, and DBF, DSF2, and DB headed into the FP line. DM and I hung out and walked around the Land Pavillion. Had I known that the ride would take as long as it did, I would have taken DM on another ride, but I must have missed the DIS posting that a Soarin' FP still takes at least a half hour. I also missed DBF's call from the line saying that the wait was really long (and he didn't leave me a message with that info either). So DM and I rested for a little, saw Mickey, Chip, and Dale walking aroung the Garden Grill, and I learned how to tell them apart (Chip has the small black nose like a Chocolate Chip). I also stopped at the Kidcot station and colored a butterfly for myself.

Finally, everyone emerged from the ride and we were on our way to visit my lover!!! Finally! Before we left Epcot we saw one of my favorite stories played out in flowers:

So we head over to the Magic Kingdom!!!! Yay!

After leaving Epcot, we head to the Monorail. I asked if we could ride in the front (being a good DIS-er), but there was already a family waiting, so we decided to skip it this time. By the time we got to MK, it was almost time for our ADRs at Tony's Town Square, but we weren't really hungry (just really hot), so I cancelled the reservations and we headed into the park.

I've been waiting years just for this:

I guess the crowds here weren't that bad for a Saturday eveninng.

DBF bought some popcorn for all of us, and DB was starting to get cranky. DM was somehow about to cheer him up. The woman has so much more patience that I do.

After grabbing the popcorn, we headed over to Adventureland and our first stop was Aloha Isle for the famed Dole Whip. I got a Dole Whip, DBF got a Dole Whip Twist, DM shared a Dole Whip Float with DSF1, and DB got a vanilla soft serve . Kids these days. He actually like pineapples, but he wasn't interested in trying the house specialty. My opinion of the frozen treat: I liked it, but it wasn't as great as everyone makes it out to be. I will definitely have is again. I wish I have the twist that DBF had or if they offered a float with pineapple juice and vanilla soft serve. That would be just yum!

Yo ho! Yo ho! We headed over to Pirates of the Carribean next. This was my favorite ride in all of Disney before the rehab and the adding of Capt. Jack. When we were in Disneyland last year, the ride was closed due to the rehab. I was so upset! After listening to the various podcasts about the differences between the two rides, I really need to get back out to DL to try out the ride for myself. I loved the addition of Davey Jones at the beginning. DM started freaking out because she thought her hair was going to get wet. I guess they did a really good job on that effect . The additions of Jack throughout the ride were amazing.

Ah my lover

When we left the ride, I was able to find my Capt. Jack Mickey ears (I'll add that picture later since there I didn't get any taken with me wearing the ears while I was there). After watching the YOMD video, I wanted to get the pirate Mickey ears, but when I asked a CM where to find the ears, he showed me the famous red ones and then told me that they had just received the Capt. Jack ears. Well, I just had to have them. I also picked up a pirate key key chain. I have yet to assign it to a particular key. DB picked out a dubloon (sp?) necklace with some of his spending money and we headed out towards Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Next up: Where to eat dinner?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally, Some Rides!

We got this picture on the way to get my parents:

After picking up the 'rents and the rest of the family, we decided to make our way through future world. DB and I were really excited about Test Track. I believe it was still new when I was at WDW in 2002. For whatever reason, I didn't make it on it then. I am also a fan of GM cars (I have a Grand Am that I love!), so I wanted to have some fun. We got over there and saw that the stand-by line was 45 minutes. However, the single rider line was only 20 minutes. I *asked* (i.e., told) everyone if they would mind riding alone, and we were on our way! DM wasn't going on this ride since she had brain surgery about 3 years ago. I believe she now has a plate in her head. Not that she would have gone on it anyways.

I enjoyed the pre-show, and I really enjoyed the queue. DB and I loved the knee test. (OUCH!) When we got close to the loading area, we realized that even though DB wanted to ride, we need to have one adult go through ahead of him, so DSF1 went first, then DB, then DBF and I (we got into the same car!), then DSF2.

Throughout the first two days, we had problems with DSF2 keeping up. He was having asthma problems, but DB was supposed to be staying with him. Everyone had "buddies" so that no one got lost, but DB just wanted to run wild (he doesn't really have any boundaries set by his parents, so this behavior is normal for him, but it drives me crazy). Whenever DSF2 got too far behind, DBF sent DB back to him. DB would whine and moan and stomp his way back to his dad.

After we were all done with TT, we decided to head over to Mission Space. DBF and DB went on the wild side and DSF1 and 2 and me went on the mild side. I was nervous about DBF going on the wild side since he has high blood pressure. We all went into our respective pre-show areas at the same time. I believe I was the pilot. We finished our trip to Mars first and I thought that maybe I could try the wild side if I get a chance. We went out and found DM and waited, and waited. I started to get worried since DBF wasn't coming out, but after a few more minutes of waiting, they appeared! Thank goodness!

After the rides, we were all hungry for lunch, so we headed over to Mexico!

We ran into these guys on the way:

Me trying to explain the Three Caballeros to DM and DSF1:

Believe it or not, I had the Three Caballeros for years. I bought it in college (I guess) when Disney was releasing movies every month or two. I never saw it!!! When I heard that they were being added into the ride in the Mexico pavillion, I decided to finally watch it. I'm sorry to tell all of the fans, but I really didn't like it. Maybe it was because it was a dated film, but I really didn't get into it. But I digress (ah a Golden Girls reference - I so miss their house!)...

We went to Cantina de San Angel for lunch. I ordered the Tacos al Carbon. They were pretty good, but we have a lot of Mexican immigrants near our house, so we are spoiled with delicious traditional Mexican food. I am very sad to say that I didn't get pictures of the food throughout the trip (except for one dessert). I believe that within our group we also ordered an Ensalada Mexicana and a Plato del Nino. I probably should have ordered the children's meal for myself, but what I had was okay. DSF1 also ordered a XX Lager. Yum!

After we were all fed and watered we climbed up the pyramid and headed down to visit Donald and his amigos. I don't recall ever being on this ride or being inside the building even. Don't know why, but I was finally there. After waiting in line for a few short minutes and teaching DB "thank you" in Spanish, to which the CM replied "de nada", we were on our boat to visit Mexico and find Donald. In the end, the three friends were reuinited and became the Three Caballeros again.

We looked around at the toys and other goodies, but DB really wanted to head back to the more exciting rides. Our FP for Soarin' weren't ready yet, but there was plenty to see and do before then.

I know that most people don't like that and are very happy to see that it is almost gone, but it never really bothered me.

Since it was the afternoon and, we were able to hop onto Spaceship Earth with almost no wait at all. I love this ride. I think DBF took a nap on this ride!