Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ultimate Animal Kingdom Touring Plan - A Preview

When I was in WDW for the Princess Half Marathon in March I had the opportunity to attend the Tent Fest event held by the guys over at the WDW Today podcast.  I also the opportunity to meet Len Testa (of Unofficial Guide fame) and Henry Work (the web developer for touringplans.com).  I had already been following Len and Henry on Twitter and I had the opportunity to meet many of the other listeners of the show.

At the first night of Tent Fest I think I just about doubled the people I was following on Twitter.  I ran into the group throughout the weekend, including seeing everyone at the Odyssey Event.  I could go through the whole list of people I met, but I'm sure many of them will be appearing in future posts (I have become good friends with all of them and don't want to sound like I'm dropping names in the Disney online community).

After finishing the Princess Half, I hopped on twitter to check in with everyone and see what was happening before I headed over to Len's Cava de Tequilla meet.  It was then that I saw that a group of people from Tent Fest, including Henry were in the midst of attempting the first ever Ultimate Animal Kingdom Touring Plan.  You can read about it in Kidanikatie's blog post on the Touring Plans website!
Post-tequilla meet!

I saw them all at Len's meet and after hearing a bit about their day (which was complete minus the Jammin' Jungle Parade), I came up with a plan!

I was going to attempt the Ultimate Animal Kingdom Touring Plan. 

And I was going to finish it!

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time and met a lot of great people.