Friday, March 18, 2011

Follow Friday - DVC News

For those of you who also follow my running blog, you know that I am trying something different to help me post consistently over there and keep me focused on writing.  I'm trying the same thing over here, so welcome to my first Follow Friday!  I will be featuring some of the Disney related blogs that I follow and inviting you to share your thoughts on the blog or find something new to start reading.

I'm really excited to share this first blog because yesterday's post includes some very exciting rumors. 

This is an excellent resource for all things DVC.  This includes pictures of construction at Aulani, polls of readers opinions on different DVC issues, and DVC news a rumors. 

I selected them as my first Follow Friday because the post that came out yesterday has me very excited on some of the potential developments for a new DVC resort.  Apparently, Disney recently submitted an application with the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) for the construction and other improvements on land adjacent to Grand Floridian.

The post goes on the analyze the potential uses for the area with a focus on the possibility that this could be a new DVC resort.  I loved reading the readers comments on this too.  I'm not usually a big reader of comments on other blogs unless I am friends with the writer, but in this case, many of the comments went on to futher analyze the pictures of the plans that were posted in the blog.

While we won't know for a while what this new building might be it is fun to dream that it could be a new DVC resort.  Of course, we all know how well kept a secret the DVC units were at Bay Lake Tower.  Of course, if this could be a new DVC resort, the only thing I have to say is sign me up!

Be sure to stop over and check out the posts at DVC News.  Swing back here and let me know what you think about the site and also let me know what you think about me having this new series in the blog.

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  1. Fun - I like this follow Friday idea! It would be very cool to have another DVC at the Grand Floridian. I also think the rumored DVC at Fort Wilderness would be pretty cool too :)!