Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Movie Monday - Tangled Review

I finally got to see Tangled.  In fact, I've seen it several times since I picked up my copy at the store last week.  I really wish that I had seen it when it came out in the theaters though.


This was Disney's 50th animated feature.  Originally, the film was going to be called Rapunzel but Disney changed it to Tangled before the film was released.  Supposedly this change was to attract boys to what was perceived to be a "princess" film.  I'm not sure if the name change really succeeded, but this is definitely a movie that I would sit down and watch with my nephew or godson.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a movie critic and don't know how to even begin to write a movie review, so I'll just share with you the things that I liked loved about this movie.

  • The music.  Alan Menken has once again written memorable and catchy music.  I love all of the songs in this film and I dare to say that Mother Knows Best is the best villain song ever.  Yes, even better than Poor Unfortunate Souls.  I find myself humming songs from this film throughout the day.
  • Mandy Moore does an amazing job as Rapunzel.  I'm not too familiar with her music outside of a few films that I've seen her in, but she sings beautifully and with makes me want to start singing along with her.
  • Flynn Rider.  Love. Him.  He might be my favorite male character in a Disney film.  Ever.
  • Maximus and Pascal.  These two are hilarious.  Especially when they both have their turns wanting to get Flynn.  I love when Pascal tells Rapunzel to sock it to Flynn and when Maximus slips in the sucker punch on Flynn after Rapunzel walks away.
  • Mother Gothel.  Wow!  She is a villain with her own agenda, but still has managed to raise Rapunzel as her own daughter.  I love the series of backhanded compliments that she deals Rapunzel early in the film.

I have yet to watch this movie on BluRay so I don't know what special features there are on that disc.  I was amazed at the vividness of the pictures in this film.  At the point when they are trapped in the cave, I couldn't believe how much Rapunzel looked like the dolls that we have in the store.  I believe that was the goal of the animators for this film, but I was still amazed.

I would definitely recommend this film to people of all ages.  I can't wait until I can share it with my friends who haven't seen it yet. 

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  1. I just watched it last Friday for the first time and I loved it as well. It was a very touching story and talk about a villian - yikes!

    Love Maximus and Pascal too!!!