Thursday, April 1, 2010

We take a break from this trip report...

I just wanted to share some of the Disney-related blogs that I follow, including some that I've appeared in recently...

One of my favorites is The Disney Driven Life.  I guess you could say I'm a founding member of this page.  I met J.L., the original Neurotic Disney Mom (or NDM#1), on the Disboards when I was reading her trip report.  I became a Neurotic Disney Auntie (NDA#1 to be exact) before she even created her website/blog.  Stay tuned to this blog and I have requested that she create an NDP challenge for me.

I am also a huge fan of Jonathan Dichter's blog Voice of Mouse Tunes.  He is one of the main reasons I started running.  I am a huge fan of his podcast (All About the Mouse) and I am also an All About the Mouseketeer.  He writes regularly about his trials and tribulations while training to run in Disney races and lead a healthier life for his lovely baby daughter, Elizabeth.

Another blog associated with a podcast is Running to Disney.  Gordon is a 40-something guy who has discovered a love for running, Disney and his family.  He usually takes you along with him on his runs.  His blog includes show notes and updates on his training, weight-loss, and recipes.

A blog that I recently started following after meeting the writer on my last trip is The DVC Life.  Katie is a great resource for all things DVC.  She has some very useful posts on DVC whether it be about points, resorts, or the newest incentives being offered.

The last blog I will refer you to today is the one on the Touring Plans website.  The Touring Plans Blog features a variety of writers.  The current post actually includes a picture of me since I was with Kristen and friends Drinking Around the World the day after the Princess Half Marathon this March.

I will update in the future about other Disney blogs that I read, but I really wanted to share these ones with you today!


  1. Thanks Amanda! Yours might appear in here someday in the future!