Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy New Years from Disney Hollywood Studios

I was able to spend my first New Years Eve in Disney Hollywood Studios.  I had friends attending all three of the parks but I decided to try to avoid the crowds at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot by going to the Studios.  Also, Mulch, Sweat and Shears would be performing several times throughout the night so I definitely wanted to see them as many times as I could.

I didn't get to the park until after 5 and I was surprised to see that there were still a few rows of parking open.  We made our way over to the Comedy Warehouse, but we just missed the beginning of the 5:45 show.  Thankfully, they were having three more shows that night that weren't in the times guide.  Since it was almost time for the lighting of the Osbourne lights, we went over to the Streets of America and caught the last few minutes of Mulch's holiday show before making our way down the street to watch the lighting.

The radio broadcast during the lighting tells the story of the lights and how they ended up at Disney World.  A lucky child got to flip the switch and suddenly the street is filled with lights and music!  I may have teared up. I can't help it!  We stayed there for one song and then headed back to the Comedy Warehouse to get in line for the next show.

Comedy Warehouse was entertaining in a Disney friendly kind of way.  I wish they would make this a permanent attraction.  Or maybe even just add it to the weekend line up.  After the show, we ran into some of my friends and hopped on the Great Movie Ride with a short wait.  We had a new gangster who was one of the best gangsters I've seen in a while.  He even hit on Sigourney Weaver (How you doin'?).

We grabbed a quick dinner at Sunset Ranch Market and then set out to find us some new years hats and noisemakers. We found them near Lights, Motors, Action! and then I hopped in the short line to get pictures with Lightning McQueen and Mater to send to my nephew.

After sending the picture, we headed over to the stage in front of the hat where a friend had staked out a spot right near the stage.  The crowds were starting to build, but there was a path held open right in front of the stage for people to get across the park.  It was great to see some new songs from Mulch and the DJ that they had performing in between Mulch's sets did a great job keeping the crowd pumped up throughout the night.  When the DJ was on stage I just turned around and watched everyone dancing.

In Mulch's last break of the night we made out way back from the stage so that we could have a better view of the fireworks.  We ended up in a log jam just before all the buildings on Hollywood, but it turned out to be the perfect spot for the fireworks since they were going off all around us.

The fireworks were awesome and lasted as long as Wishes or Illuminations.  I wish that fireworks were a regular event in the Studios, but I'll take them whenever I can get them.  Check out my video of the show!

How did you celebrate your New Years Eve? Have you ever been in a park to kick off the New Year?


  1. Awesome!!! Sounds like a great night! The video of the fireworks is awesome! I haven't seen the Comedy Warehouse!

  2. Thanks Karen! That was my first time seeing Comedy Warehouse. They were there the whole week and I wish that I had made it over to see more shows. It would really be an excellent addition to the Studios.

  3. Nothing exciting here since I had a 5K the next morning.

    Looks like you had a great time at the Studios though!

  4. I miss Comedy Warehouse! But not nearly as much as its old neighbor!

    1. I know... There was an AC plane on the Backlot Tour. I'll send you a picture.