Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mom, why didn't you listen to me in the first place?

Saturday, May 5,2007

I can't recall what time we woke up this morning, but I do know that it was later than I had originally planned. That all being thanks to good ole PHL.

Let's guess that we woke up around 8. Sounds good to me!

Unfortunately that means that we have already missed the morning EMH at MGM. Doh!

I give Mom and call and let her know that we are going to make our way over to the Dolphin and then we will meet her and DSF1 at Epcot.

***Flashback to trip planning stages***

DM: Honey, me and DSF1 are going to stay at a time share and go to WDW with you.

Me: Great Mom, make sure you find out about transportation to WDW.

DM: Oh, they said that there is a shuttle.

Me: I know Mom, but it will probably cost you some money. They weren't cheap from what I found.

DM: I'm pretty sure it is included.

Me: Just double check because it probably isn't.

DM: Ok, I will.


At this point in time, DM tells me that they have decided to rent a car because it will be cheaper than using the shuttle. Apparently the shuttle costs money every day (can we say Mears?). I tell her that is fine and she can drive over to our hotel and then we will head over to Epcot together.

We head over to the busses and get these pictures on the way:
Our hometown team

DB walking through All Star Sports.

My team

Next up: Will we ever get onto a ride?

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