Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They want how many people to sleep in that bed?

After landing at MCO, and taking the fake monorail, we get our luggage. The luggage arrived amazingly fast because, after all, this isn't PHL.

Side note - I know they are working on improving the airport, but has anyone seen how horrible it looks, all of the infrastructure is exposed. Seeing everything had me mildly freaking out that there was some kind of asbestos exposure that I would need to worry about. I know that they would need to notify everyone and block off areas if there was an actual chance of exposure, but still, seeing the exposed ceilings made me nervous.

Anyways, DBF, DB and DSF2 were supposed to wait for the luggage while I went to check in for the Magical Mystery Tour, um, Express, but our luggage came out so quickly that we all got to wander around for a while to find the desk. I know, duh, it is right there, but I took the escalator down and was facing the busses instead of taking the elevator down and being dropped off right at the desk. I also know that I could have had my luggage taken care of by ME, but we were only staying at AS Sports for one night before switching to the Dolphin so I didn't want to wait for the luggage.

After checking in and quickly being shown to our bus (which, if I remember correctly, had some questionable comedy show playing on the radio. By questionable I mean not necessarily family-friendly.), we were on our way. I purposely picked out a seat that was near a TV monitor because I wanted to be able to watch the welcome film. Unfortunately, the monitor was no good and the picture kept jumping around. DBF was in the aisle seat (sleeping already, but I was too excited to sleep ), so I was trapped and had to strain to watch one of the other monitors.

I had to wake up DBF when we got to the gateway!!!!

After stops at the Beach Club and Coronado Springs (oooohh!!! can we stay there next time, can we, CAN WE?), we made it to AS Sports.

We didn't have too many problems at check-in, initially. When I made the reservations, we didn't know for certain that DSF2 would be joining us so I had only made the reservations for 3 of us. Still though, when we went to our assigned room (in the surf board building right next to the food court), our key didn't work and after glancing through the window, I saw that we were given a king size bed!!!!

That bed is great if it is only DBF and me, but um... They want four of us to sleep in that bed?!?!?!

So DBF and I have DB and DSF2 wait near the pool while we (I) go to get the room straightened out. A different cast member helped me with the room. At first she asked if we would just like a cot sent up to the room. Ummm, nooo, we really need that extra bed. So after some tippity-tapping on her keyboard, we were given a room ALL THE WAY down in the baseball section. (No biggie though, we just needed to get to bed and rest for our fun filled day tomorrow).

I do believe that we had a room that was the exact opposite side of the pool from where I was in 2002 (Spring Break ). Having to make the walk wasn't that bad because we (they) got to see the rest of the resort. DB thought the baseball pool was cool and really like the football field too.

After practically having to throw DB into the shower (he didn't want to go first, but everyone knows that dealing with a 10 y.o., they really need to be the first in bed in a situation like this), and getting everyone else situated, we finally got to bed. I believe that I was the last in bed at some time around 4 am. As excited as I was, it didn't take me long to fall asleep!!!

Next up: Mom, why didn't you listen to me in the first place!!!

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