Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Will we ever get on a ride?

We made our way over to the Dolphin via MGM. I was a little bit nervous about taking our luggage on the buses. I didn't know if the drivers would allow it. Thankfully since it was EMH at MGM that morning, most people had already made there way over to the park and there wasn't too many people waiting for the bus. The driver didn't say anything about the bags and we were on our way!

After getting dropped off at MGM, we easily found the boat for the Dolphin, and it was there waiting for us! It was a nice, quick, and relaxing ride over to the Dolphin.

*** Quick note, we were very lucky to be staying at the Dolphin. DBF was there for a conference, so his company was paying for the room. We only paid for the night at AS Sports. I love this conference because I am able to travel with him. Last year we were in Anaheim and I got to go to Disneyland for the first time. The year before that we were in New Orleans (pre-Katrina). Next year the conference will be in Philly I told him he was on his own for the one! I'll save my money for another trip! ***

When we got to the Dolphin, we went to check in and our room wasn't ready yet so we checked our bags in and walked around the hotel. Mom called me to tell me that they had just picked up the rental car and they were heading back to the room to shower then they would be on their way over. DM takes forever to get ready.

We decided to head over to Epcot so I told DM to meet us there. She could just park at our hotel and take the boat over. Before heading to Epcot, we went down to the counter service restaurant (Picabu) and found out that even non-Disney owned hotels have refillable mugs. DBF and I got one to share and DSF2 and DB each got one of their own. Before we even finished paying, DBF got a call that our room was ready, so we decided to grab our bags and head up to the room.

When we got up to the room, this was what we saw:

Oh yeah, that was the view from our room!!!

DB thought he could take a break and lay down (on the oh-so comfy beds). Heck no! Get up boy! This is Disney!

DM still wasn't ready so we made our way down to the dock and waited for the boat to Epcot. DM and DSF1 would head over there when they were finished. Yay! We were finally on our way.

We picked up our tickets at the International Gateway. I must tell you, if you ever have the opportunity to buy tickets through a conference, do it! I searched all of the internet, AAA, etc. and the cheapest tickets I could find still cost more before taxes than our tickets through the conference did after taxes.

Once we got through the baggage check (much quicker at this entrance than anywhere else) and into the park, I knew that we needed to rush over to FP Soarin'. Um, yeah. I guess I didn't study the maps too well, because it wasn't easy for us to get over to the Land Pavillion. Once we found it, we got our fast passes for 4:30! I realized there was no complaining. We had started our day late, so we would have to head over to MK later, after the fast passes.

Once we got out of the Land Pavillion, I got a message from DM saying that they were waiting for the boat, so we started making our way back to the Int'l Gateway.

We made a quick stop at Club Cool to try the Beverly. I've never had it before, but I knew its reputation, so I just got everyone a cup to try it. Blech!!! We tried everything else and the got on our way again. DB found some of the fountains on the way over there, so we left him and DSF2 there while we went to retrieve my parents. DB had some fun while we we gone:

We made it over to the Int'l Gateway and DM had successfully picked up her Park Hoppers that I had ordered for her and they we just walking up to the gate when we got there. After some difficulty (DM was not so good with following directions at the finger readers) we were on our way!!! DM was hungry but settled for McD's fries (even though walking past the Fish and Chips was very tempting). I convinced her to have the fries as a snack because I wanted to head over to Mexico for lunch later. After all, it is Cinco de Mayo!

Next up: Finally some rides.

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