Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Illuminations.. or not? Trip Report Continued

DM, DSF1 and I hope the friendship boat back to the Dolphin and lo and behold, who is waiting on the dock? DB and DSF2!

Are they waiting on the side to head to Epcot for Illuminations like DBF told them to do?

Um… no!

They are waiting on the side for MGM.

DB shouts to me that they are heading there. I wonder if the plans have changed or I missed something.

I say goodbye to DM and DSF1 and head to the room. I tell DBF what I saw. After wondering what was going on, he calls DSF2 to find out what the heck they’re doing. This is yet another instance when DSF2 disappoints and does not take the role of a parent. All he had to do was say that they were going to Epcot and that was it. But nooo! The man did not stand up to his 10 year old son, and now they were at MGM.

DBF and I were NOT HAPPY! We were trying to see Illuminations. It was an EMH at MGM, so they could have gone over there after the fireworks and played for the rest of the night.

Well, we headed over there too.

We went on RnR and got incredibly lucky! The CM stopped us and pulled over a couple single riders. I jokingly asked if we could have the front and she said…….

That was why we were stopped!

We got the front row on the very next limo! DBF was very nice and allowed me and DB to take the front row and he took one of the seats behind us. I really, really wanted to keep my eyes open during the take off, but I gave in at the very end. It was one of the coolest feelings in the world to see that track go flying by.

DBF took the time after the ride to tell DB that he was being really selfish. When we got there, DSF2 was allowing him to run like a wild child back and forth between RnR and ToT. DB didn’t even take a breath to see if his father wanted to do anything else. And it’s not like he was having tons of fun. He wasn’t even riding the rides.

DBF told him that he needed to apologize to his father and do some things that he wanted to do. So when we got to where DSF2 was waiting, DB went up to him and said he was sorry and he would do whatever he wanted to do.

I suggested Muppets since many of the other shows were over and it was one of the things that would be open during EMH. DSF2 said okay, that he would like to do that and the first thing out of DB’s mouth was “AWWWWW!”

I must say that I almost wanted to smack him for that. He had just finished saying that he would do what his dad wanted to do and the very first thing his dad expressed an interest in lead to an attitude from him.

With that reaction we decided to leave the park and go back to the hotel. On the boat ride over DBF and I decided to take them to DTD and go to DisneyQuest since our tickets included that option. We figured everyone could have some fun there and DB is a huge gamer (well, as big as a 10 year old could be). So we dropped off everything in the room (including my phone which would come back to haunt me later) and headed to DTD.

We enjoyed ourselves there. DBF and I did the Cyber Space Mountain (or whatever its called) and the virtual Pirates game. I also played some racing games and tried to fly a plane (not so good). It was really hot in there and I hadn’t eaten dinner. I also didn’t want to leave the building since I didn’t have my phone with me. DBF and I got separated for a while, and I couldn’t find him or anyone else, and I was getting really miserable. Once I found DBF I told him I wasn’t feeling good and needed to get fresh air and food. He walked outside with me and found a bench for me to rest, then he ran back in to find his family.

Unfortunately, since it took so long for me to find him, mostly all of the good places to eat were closed. We wandered through Pleasure Island and almost got pizza at a booth in there, but then I saw McD’s. Score! It would have to be better then the pizza we were about to buy.

I slowly began to feel better with the air and food, but I was really exhausted. That sucked because I really wanted to go to some of the PI clubs. DBF wasn’t in the mood to go to any clubs though, so we called it a night and headed back to the hotel.

Would we make Illuminations the next night, our last night in the parks? You’ll just have to wait and see…

Next up: I see my new boyfriend!

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