Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So you want to be on a Disney Podcast, Part 2

Whoops! So I kind of left you hanging there!

So Jonathan and Brian were going to have a new game called the Disney Pyramid and they were inviting their listeners to participate. I rushed my email off to the show (well, actually a week after the first announcement when they said they hadn't had any responses, but then I rushed it off to them).

There was a lot of waiting after that email and I thought I hadn't been selected to be on the show. They weren't having any segments of the game though. In August I got an email from Jonathan saying that I had been one of the first people email him and would I like to participate in the first edition of the game? Heck yeah! I just needed to set up a Skype account and be online when they were ready to record. Done and done.

Of course I was online the night before, waiting like a school girl for her prom date to show up. Twenty minutes after the designated time on Tuesday, I still hadn't heard from them. I got back on my email reread it. The email said one week from that night. Oh, but the email came in on Wednesday, so I guess I was 24 hours too early for the big date.

So on Wednesday at the designated time, I was back on Skype. Jonathan found me early and asked if I was ready. I was nervous, but excited. I also said that I wanted to wait until we started recording before I found out who my partner would be. After hanging out on line (and reading my DVC contract) we were ready to go!

My partner was Mike Newell from WDW Today and Mouse World Radio. My competitor's partner was none other than the famous Bryan Ripper. I went second and my category for the first round was "Grim Grinning Ghosts". I didn't know if it would be just Haunted Mansion, but it turned out to be all things in the parks around Halloween. I did pretty good with them and only got stuck at the end when I had to name the hard ticket event (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party). I had Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party stuck in my head.

My next category was "Really Bad Eggs". I didn't know if this would be villains, but doubted it since the first category was villains. It turned out to be breakfast locations. I got stuck on the first place (Goofy's Kitchen) and got the next one really easily (Chef Mickey's). The third one was the Plaza Inn. I knew it was a Main Street location, but I could only picture it in Disneyland where I believe it is also a character meal for breakfast. Unfortunately, tiem ran out and this time I only got 1. Doh!

My last category was about the World Showcase. I got the tequila bar, illuminations and a third clue. I missed the actor in the show in Canada, and Newell slipped up and gave me France instead of the clues. Oh well!

My competitor won and got to move onto the final. I believe he only got two of the categories though, so his prize wasn't much bigger than mine. The grand prize is a copy of the first issue of D23. I would really like that since I have the other three that have come out since. I guess I'll have to try to get it some other way.

So what did I learn from my experience? Well, really, I need to spend more time in Disneyland. More time in Disney World would hurt either!

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