Friday, September 18, 2009

So you want to be on a Disney Podcast...

I always listen to Disney podcasts. I've been listening to them for about two and a half years ever since I learned how to actually use my iPod and iTunes. I started with Mouse Tunes. Unfortunately after listening to a few episodes I heard Lou and Nate say that they were ending the show.

I was forced to head back into iTunes to see what else there was. I found WDW Today, the DIS Unplugged, Netcot, you name it. I love listening to the podcasts. I have listened to at least one episode of most of the podcasts. I have my favorites though. You know, the ones that you need to listen to as soon as they are released. (Come on, you know that you can't wait for some of them!)

I also thought it was so cool when I heard listeners on the show. I don't think I have enough to say to have my own show, but would love to be part of a show. Earlier this year, the All About the Mouse podcast held the Disney Feud. It was like the Family Feud, but with the hosts from various Disney podcasts. Towards the end of the run for that game, Jonathan Dichter announced that they would be having a new game, this time involving the listeners. The new game would be called...

The Disney Pyramid!!!

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