Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner with the family ... or when to not let your 10 year old pick his own meal

So I woke up an realized that we needed to get moving to get to our dinner reservations with the family.

Once everyone was up and ready we made our way to the Friendship Boat and over to MGM (yes, I will still call it that for now). When everyone was through the gates, we made our way towards 50's Prime Time Cafe. Along the way, we passed Hollywood and Vine, and we had a brief discussion about going there for dinner instead. I really wanted to check out Prime Time though and conviently Hollywood and Vine had a 30 minute wait for those without ADRs.

So we went over and told our cousins that we were ready for dinner. I went to Dad's bar (that is what it's called, right) with DM and DSF1. I tried to order a lager. For those of you from PA, you know exactly what I wanted, but for those of you outside of the area, and for the cousin tending bar, I had to be more specific and ask for a Yeungling. We sat down and enjoyed our drinks while we waited for our table.

I'm sorry that this section lacks pictures, but for some reason, I didn't take any on the rec room. I also didn't take any of the meals since no one would understand what I was doing anyways.

Once we got our table, our cousin asked DM to set the table and told DB that Grandma didn't allow hats at her table. DB already had one of his 'tudes so this joke didn't go over too well with him. After looking at the menus, DBF and I each decided to order the pot roast and DB stated that he wanted the fried chicken. I glanced at the menu and saw that the fried chicken came with southern greens. No further description. I assumed that could only mean that it would be something that DB would not like. I pointed that out to DBF and told him that DB could probably order chicken fingers off of the kids menu. DBF told DSF2 something in Vietnamese, and there was some sort of discussion, but when we placed our orders, DB ordered the fried chicken.

I enjoyed the pot roast. It tasted wonderful, however, for the price, I certainly think that there was not enough food.

Of course, the fried chicken came with the greens... Well, DBF quietly started telling his dad that it was his fault that that particular dish was ordered and now DB would need to finish it. Oy vey! This was not turning out to be the fun dinner that I had hoped for. I couldn't tell if the waiter sensed that there was some tension at the table or if maybe he was just one of the ones that didn't play as many games with the guests, regardless, he didn't spend a lot of time joking around with us.

Since DB was making dinner so difficult, after the rest of us finished our meal, DM, DSF1 and I left to head out to the parks while DBF, DSF2 and DB stayed to wait to DB to finish his meal. I went in search of a Mickey bar, but I quickly gave up on that idea because I was too stressed out and angry about what a PITA DB and DSF2 were now being. I called DBF about 5 minutes after we left and told him to hurry them up and reminded him that we were not at home and that they were at a place of business so they shouldn't be holding up the table because of DSF2's inability parent his own child by making sure that he orders something that he will eat. He said they would leave and we met up shortly there after.


Here is my tribute to CampbellScott of the Disboards - Miss Cammie, I'm sure you will agree:

Daily Lesson in Parenting: If you are allowing your child to pick their own meal, please make sure that you supervise them to prevent them from ordering something that they think is absolutely disgusting (aka, southern greens).



Next up.

A date with Steve and Joe!

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