Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breakfast at the Kingdom

Animal Kingdom that is...

While I was planning our ADRs I asked a lot of friends which were their favorite places to eat and Donald's Breakfastasaurus was recommended by everyone who had been there.


DBF loves dinosaurs ...

I love character meals...

I wanted a buffet for breakfast so that DB would not spend the meal complaining...

Yup! Donald's fits the bill! (hehe, pun totally intended)

I originally had our reservations for 9, but I heard that sometimes you can't get in early if you have your reservation exactly at park opening (probably not true, but still) so I changed our reservations for 8:40!!! I really wanted earlier, but that was all that was left, so I took it!

I told DM and DSF1 to meet us at our hotel by 8 so that we could get to the park with time to spare.

We all got up early and DB decided he needed to shower again (we're night time showerers). Thankfully he didn't take long and everyone was together and ready to go.

Before we left we looked out our window at the crazy people running the Minnie Marathon.

So we made out way here:

We went through the special entrance and made our way of the nice, clear, and empty paths to have breakfast with the Man! (I was only hoping that the Big Cheese would be there).

I checked us in and we waiting in line for our picture. It came out so good that DM bought the package for us! I need to have it framed still.

Just as we were done with the pictures, we were called and shown to our table. We quickly placed our drink orders and DM waited at the table (she always insists on watching our stuff, but I didn't have a problem carrying it with me). DBF, DB and I hopped in the line that took just about forever. Little did I know that there were two sides to the buffet and the other one was virtually empty! I found that out just when I was getting to the front of the line.

We got back and DM went up for her breakfast and shortly thereafter, our friends started arriving!

Me and Pluto (I'm only including this because I look ridiculous. Goofy started walking towards us just when he snapped the picture. I shouted out GOOFY! because I was hoping that I could get a picture with both of them. I think I hurt Pluto's feelings... )

Me, DB, DM and Donald:

I really enjoyed this character meal and I am sad that they are moving/removing it. I'll definitely try out Donald's Safari the next time I am there.

Up next:

Will we beat the rush to Everest?

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