Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where to Eat for Dinner?

After bidding farewell to my lover we headed over to BTMR and picked up our fastpasses. DB wanted to go on Splash Mountain, but the wait was over 30 minutes and no one else wanted to go on it, so we headed over to DBF's favorite ride...

The Haunted Mansion!!!!

I love this ride to, but DBF really wanted to go on it and thankfully, we were there pre-rehab shut down, so we were able to visit it. We dragged our bodies to the DEAD center of the room, but not before I managed to get us all next to the panel that would release us into the mansion. I don't know how I knew for sure, maybe it was some supressed memory or instinct, or maybe the happy haunts turned me in the right direction. I was at the correct panel though and we broke free, only to hit another line (DOH!) DM being a non-agressive queue-er did not manage to keep up with us, but we all assemble at the end of the ride.

I am very glad that they are rehabbing this ride. I had heard on the podcasts that some of the Doom Buggies has audio trouble and we managed to get one of them. Through the graveyard portion, we heard: "screech, buzz, crackle, fizzle". We also picked up our hitch-hiking ghost!

After escaping with our lives, we went back to BTMR to use our FPs. DM didn't ride. We were on and off really quickly and yet again, I loved the ride. I usually love really big roller coasters that flip you every which way, but this coaster just makes me really happy.

By this point in time, everyone was getting hungry and cranky. We headed over to Columbia Harbour House. I remember eating there in 2002 and enjoying the food (chowda) and I figured that everyone could get something like that or one of the other things on the menu. Well, DBF didn't want soup or a sandwich and he also didn't want any of the fried things on the menu so he started asking if there was somewhere else to eat. I told him that we would need to either get burgers or this. He asked about the reservations that we had made, but um, yeah, that reservation was for 5:45 and it was now 7:30 so that wasn't happening. He remembered eating at the Crystal Palace before and he wanted to try that out. I told him it was expensive and we'd probably need reservations. If he really wanted to check it out, then we could go over there, but once we left this section of the park, that would pretty much be it and we would be heading over to Tomorrowland and the other side of the park. He still wanted to give Crystal Palace a try, so we all treked over. I don't remember what the wait time was, but I do remember the price being more than what we wanted to spend, so we kept walking.

So we had decided not to eat at the Crystal Palace. We cross over to Tomorrowland and as soon as we get there, we see a sign for the Tomorrowland Noodle Terrace. Hmmm... I don't remember reading about this anywhere. Since half of our group was of Asian ancestry and I remembered that Disney doesn't use MSG in any of its food, we decide to check out the menu and thought it looked okay. I believe each of us ordered the beef with broccoli, except for DB who had chicken fingers.

The beef and broccoli was BLECH! Everyone else complained about the beef not being tender enough and I can't complain about that, but my rice was just gross. Since I make rice on an almost daily basis, I know what white rice should taste like. (On that note, if any of you like rice, I highly recommend investing in a rice cooker. I can't eat Minute Rice or Uncle Ben's any more and I even convince Grandma to make her Gulumpkies with jasmine rice. They tasted just as good as always.) DB is the only one who didn't complain about his food. But fried anything is usually good. (Do you believe that people eat fried pickles?) I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

After finishing our not-so-delicious dinner, we headed into Tomorrowland and saw that Stitch's Great Escape was only a 5 minute wait. I've only been on Alien once before, so I figured I had less to compare the new ride to. Boy was I wrong. I absolutely love Stitch, but this was my least favorite ride in all of the World (at least of the ones that I went on). Stitch's breath I could have done without that. DM also didn't like the shoulder harness pressing down on her. She is sensitive to things like that. I think that DB and DSF2 got some of the spit shot directly at them.

We tried to ride Space Mountain next, but wait was too long for us. Sleep deprivation was also catching up to me, but I wanted to make it to Wishes. DB and DSF2 managed to get onto SM (I think I sent them down the FP side). After everyone was back together again, we headed back to the Terrace. You see, DBF and I (okay, maybe it was just me, but I am pretty sure I remember him agreeing with me) THOUGHT that this would be an ideal place to watch Wishes. Never, ever try to watch Wishes from the Terrace. Most of the show is blocked from view. You know, when you try to buy tickets to a concert or play and they are cheaper because they are obstructed view? Well, from the Terrace, these seats wouldn't even be in the theatre. There is no leaning your head to the side to see around any post. After about 2 seconds of the show, we realized our error and quickly moved to better seats. We ended up watching the show from some rocks near the entrance to the Terrace. We know now that we will not be going back to this area for Wishes, but I am sad that we didn't get a better view to start with.

After Wishes, we joined that mass migration out of the park (Moo, MOO!) It actually wasn't that bad until we got to the busses. I think we accident cut in front of a lot of people waiting for the bus back to the Dolphin. I really didn't mean to. We were walking down the middle until we say the sign for the our hotel. I still feel guilty about who ever we may have cut off, because I know I would have been pissed if I was them. Honestly though, it was so crowded, you couldn't tell who was in what line. We did have to wait for 2 busses still, so it wasn't like we jumped to the front of the line.

Eventually, we made it back to our hotel and I rushed everyone to bed because we had a date early tomorrow.

Next: Breakfast at the Kingdom!

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