Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lunch with the Princesses!

After leaving my contact info with Guest Services (he said a message was going to be sent to Mark on a pager), we made our way to our lunch - Akershus!

I got these pictures first:

I love the pyramid in Mexico. It makes me really want to travel there to see the real thing (one day...).

I checked us in and DM and I pulled up a piece of curb and waited. Thankfully DSF1 was paying attention because I didn't even hear them say my name. We went in an I met this lovely lady:

She noticed my pin with Tink and the Princess pin and told me about her friends that were on them.

We made our way to our seats and were told how to order our meal. DM got Traditional Kjottkaker, I got the braised lamb and I forgot what DSF1 got. We went up to buffet for our appetizers and I made sure to try everything. I knew then and confirmed with my meal that I am not a fan of smoked fish in any way, shape or form. One of my good friends is thankful because that means for lox for her.

I did enjoy most of the food from the buffet though and I really enjoyed the lamb. It isn't something I cook for myself, but try to have it when I see it on the menu. Mom liked what she had, but it was a little on the salty side for her tastes.

Through the appetizer and entree, these lovely ladies visited us:

I told Ariel that I had just watched her movie and she commented about her friend Belle reading her book (over and over).

Then a non-princess surprise:

At least I am not this pale:

And then dessert:

I loved the rice pudding type dessert. I would go back just for that!

After our lunch with the princesses, we went out to explore the World Showcase. At the time I was signed up for a scrapbooking swap for the countries in Epcot. Because of that I wanted to make sure that I got pictures of each country. We went back and snapped a few of Mexico and then got a few more of Norway.

There was a band playing and DM started dancing around and the gentleman in the band started dancing with her. My camera wasn't quick enough though so I didn't end up with a good picture.

We then headed over to China and I got a nice picture of DM and DSF1:

I also got a picture of our hotel from across the lagoon:

I got this picture of a lovely flower (water lilly?):

and then headed inside to see the China Pavillion:

I was upset to find out that they don't have bubble tea in China. It is something that we get everytime we head to Chinatown and we recently started buying some tapioca pearls at the Korean market and making our own at home. Maybe they'll have it next time.

We walked by the African out post. I didn't get any pictures there.

We then found ourselves in Germany:

I wandered around the store there and contemplated buying myself a pickle ornament, but I decided to have a glass of wine. I got myself some Riesling and then got a Milka white chocolate bar. White chocolate and Riesling go together remarkably well. The wine was good, but I have a particular vineyard that I love. (Dr. Loosen - I'll be picking up a few more bottles this weekend when I go home to my cousin's wedding). We sat down to relax and enjoy the square. I got some pictures before we left for our next country:

Our next stop was where half of my family comes from: ITALY!!!

DM's feet were starting to really hurt her. I told her to wear sneakers and not sandals, or to at least put the moleskin on ahead of time, but she didn't listen to me. I sat down and watched the mime, Sergio (?).

He was really funny. I watched the whole show and then walked around taking some pictures of the faux Venice.

DM told me to take this last picture. I have another one that is a portrait view. I printed is up in 8x10 and just need to get a frame for it. The colors of the building and the sky blend perfectly with the pictures I have of San Filipe de Neri in Albequerque.

We walked through the American Adventure stopping only for a few pictures. Maybe on my next trip I'll spend some time looking around here.

Next: We finish our trip around the world!

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