Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will DB have to spend the rest of the trip sitting in the hotel room with no TV?

We woke up the next morning and I was so sad because DBF was off to his conference. He got up early and went down to grab breakfast for us. Normally I will pay for the guest option for this conference, but considering where we were this year, I didn't want to waste my money on that. It was really a good option at the other conferences. In Boston, they had a special conference for the Boston Pops, in New Orleans, we saw the Pointer Sisters and a Zydeco band, and in Anaheim, they had a band that was comprised of former Beach Boys and the surviving member from Jan and Dean. This year the special was a dessert party during illuminations, but I didn't was to spend the money on it because we would be doing our own touring when he wasn't in the conference.

Anyways, DBF got back with some breakfast for us. Yummy! DB got up and the first thing that he tried to do was hop on DBF's computer and get on the internet. OMG, I almost ripped him out of the chair. He isn't supposed to get on the computer without permission and there was no way that we were wasting time waiting for him to play on the computer. Besides, why does a 10 year old really need to be on the internet at 8 am? I managed to keep my calm even though I was fuming inside. I convinced him to get his body moving since we were leaving as soon as my parents got there.

Once we got everyone together and made it to the bus, it was a rather uneventful ride over to the Magic Kingdom. We missed the opening by about 15 minutes but I got over it quickly and we got in line for the bag check. DB was carrying the bag with his dad's camera's in it. DSF2 asked for the bags so that he could carry it through the bag check (absolutely reasonable to have the adult carry the bag throught the bag check BTW). DB proceeds to let the bag slip off his shoulders and drop on the ground. I was shocked and shouted his name, but held back on yelling at him since I was trying to keep everyone happy and not cause any disagreements. And amazingly, for the first time since I've known him, DSF2 stepped up and acted like a parent. He took DB out of the line and started walking back towards the busses. For a little bit, I could see him and see that he stopped and was yelling (not loud enough for us to hear) at DB.

We continued to go through the bag check and then waited a few minutes to see if they were coming. I figured they might be heading back to the hotel. (I may have even gotten a phone call to that extent.) So we headed into the park and Yippee! One of my favorite characters was out!

I immediately jumped in the line for Pinocchio and Gepeto. I was so excited because I had never seen them in person. The line was a little bit long, but I didn't mind the wait. I then got a call from DSF2 saying that they were headed back into the parks. Good, as much as I know that DB needs to be disciplined, I also felt bad about the possibility of him missing everything in the parks. I told them to hurry up and they got in line with me. (Don't worry, when I have someone join me in line, I don't take extra pictures. Everyone is in one picture at that point.) DB came up to us and apoligized to me and my parents for behaving the way he had.

I started telling DB about Pinocchio and told him that they were Italian. Since we were next in line, Gepeto heard me and started "acting Italian" by pinching his fingers together and shaking his hand up in the air. I can't think of a better way to describe it, but I'm sure you've all seen it.

DB was wearing the POC hat that I got him for the trip and Pinicchio saw it. He pointed to it and started sword fighting with DB. It was so cute. Just a little after the somewhat stressful start to the day.

Next we saw the "bad guys" from Pinocchio right in front of Tony's. (I have since learned that they are Foulfellow and Gideon.) We got in line and were the next people when their handler said that they would be taking a 5 minute break.

DM and DSF1 went to get themselves some breakfast at the bakery while we waited for the guys to come back out. Unfortunately, only Foulfellow returned. I asked the CM where the other guy went and she said that he saw a shiney object and took off running. Just like my cats!

I found my parents waiting in the line in the Bakery still and gave them my order then we went outside to wait. All the time enjoying the sights and sounds on Main Street.

Finally DM and DSF1 emerged and I had my second breakfast of the day. (It turns out that the sad looking croissant that DBF brought back to the room was actually a breakfast croissant with ham in it. I thought it was just a sad excuse for a croissant and left it on the plate. Darn!

We waited a bit to eat our food and then headed up towards the Castle.

Next up:

Trying to track down an old friend.

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