Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Date with Steve and Joe

Once everyone was back together, we headed over to my absolute favorite ride in all of WDW...

Rock n' Roller Coaster!!!!!

I have been a fan of this ride for ever! Okay, well maybe it has only been since my last trip in 2002, but that was the only other time I'd been on it.

Everyone went on it except for DM. She held all of our stuff so I don't have any pictures. DSF1 is a musician (by hobby, not for a living - blue grass music specifically ). He enjoyed the recording studio story line.

Once we got through and were getting ready to catch our limo, I looked at him and realized, um, he's got his glasses on. I asked him if his glasses might fall off, not specifically saying why, and he said they would be okay. He then saw how the limos take off. (um, yeah, wait until you see the rest of it! )

We all board our stretch, um super stretch limo, and after a wild ride through the streets of LA, made it to the backstage and safely into the arena, um gift shop.

After this, DB wanted to do ToT but it was time to head over to Fantasmic to get our seats. I love the walkway to get to that seating in Fantasmic. It is beautifully done, but MAN! that is a long walk!

We didn't have to wait too long for the show, maybe 20 minutes.

I must say that I know that everyone loves Wishes and Illuminations, and there are people for whom that is a must every time, but this was by far my favorite. I must do this one every time I go from now on.

After the show we headed out of the theater and took some time to take pictures before leaving the park.

After 3 solid days of DB and DSF2, I needed a break from them and DBF and I just needed some time to relax together. You see, even though they live with us, since they are in the in-law apartment, I go technically go days or weeks without seeing them, so the flight and then two solid days at Disney, plus the dinner fiasco had pushed me to my limit.

But I had a plan

EMH was going on a MK that night. I knew that DM and DSF1 were ready to go back to their hotel, so before we headed back to the boat to get back to our hotel, I passed along that bit of knowledge.

I knew that DB would want to go back there and the DSF2, would take him there because we told him to. DBF would eventually see that this was my plan for us to have a chance to relax, and he would encourage them to head off to the park.

Well, of course, it worked

So they headed off the MK and the rest of us headed back to the Dolphin. After DM and DSF1 left, we got some pictures of the lobby and went upstairs to chill.

Up next:

Will DB have to spend the rest of the trip sitting in the hotel room with no TV?

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