Monday, January 18, 2010

WDW Marathon weekend with Team in Training! Day 1 Part 2, January 7, 2010

So of course, I had left my waivers back in the room. Coronado Springs is so large that it would easily have taken me 15-20 minutes to head back and get them, but I remembered that I would be able to print them at the expo too. Hopefully there wouldn't be a long wait to do that...

The bus to the expo didn't take long. It was an interesting experience though. We went through a back entrance that looked more like a service entrance. Our drive made a wrong turn and we ended up driving onto the soccer field that is next to the expo. Whoops!

We wandered around trying to make sure that we got in the right line. After a few wrong turns, we ended up in the line to the Milk House.

I did say waivers by the way. You see, prior to joining Team in Training, I had decided to register for the marathon on my own. I later joined TnT and decided to focus on the half marathon and getting faster at that distance. I figured that since I couldn't transfer my registration to the following year, I would at least pick up my bib and goodie bag.

Once we got into the milk house I made my way to the computers to reprint my waivers and then went down to floor to pick up my bibs. I had already lost my teammates, so after picking up my bibs and checking my D-tags, I went over to the expo.

I got my goodie bags and made my way through the crowded expo merchandise are (taking note of the items that I would purchase on Friday - payday). I then started checking Twitter to see where Amanda was at to see if we could meet up. I was in one booth and I thought it was hilarious because practically as I was reading the slogans on the shirts, she was posting them on Twitter. I couldn't find her at the time, so I went out to explore the floor. I got over to the Running Skirts booth and found out that they will be selling skirts with capris under them (I will need to look into that for future races.)

I finally got in touch with Amanda and we met up at the Running Skirts booth. We walked around the floor and caught up for a bit. We did a little shopping and then headed out to the busses to head back to our resorts.

On my way back to the resort I got a message from Mike and we agreed to head to the parks after I dropped my stuff off in my room.

Next up: Park time!!!


  1. It was so crowded at the Expo it was no wonder we never actually saw each other. It was fun walking around the Expo and looking at all the great stuff and how about the Quebec Marathon - looks like that would be a lot of fun!

  2. I forgot about the Quebec Marathon! As usual, all of my brochures were put into the office only for me to be able to go back to the in 3-4 months when all discount codes are expired.