Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WDW Marathon weekend with Team in Training! Day 1 Part 3, January 7, 2010

Once the bus gets me back to the resort, I hop off at stop #4. I was pretty sure that was the stop they told me was the closest at check in. I proceed to wander around aimlessly trying to get my bearings before I can find my room. I finally find things that are familiar to me and make my way back to the room.

I snapped these pictures of the quiet pool outside my room:

I put my stuff away and packed my bag. In my rush to get out of the house in the morning, I forgot a touring bag, so I packed up one of my good bags instead. I sent Mike a text and told him to meet me at the pool and then we would head to the parks. He left it up to me where we were heading and I dragged him to Hollywood Studios (I had to force myself to say that throughout the trip because I didn't know who would give me funny looks if I called it MGM). My plan was to stay there until Fantasmic and then head back to get some rest.

I was excited when we got there because the holiday decorations were still up!

I knew it was too late to head towards Toy Story Mania. I grabbed a times guide and saw that we had some time to get to Lights, Motor, Action. On our way there, we swung by Star Tours to see how long the wait was. It was 30 minutes (!) so we grabbed our fastpasses for there and wandered around the streets of America on our way to the stunt show.

They still had the lights up for the Osbourne lights:

We grabbed drinks and snacks and heading into the line for the show. Once we got our seats, I started snapping away (I love my new camera!)

We tried our hands at some of the trivia that they run on the big screen before the show (he got some right, I got them all wrong). The show started pretty late, but they still put on a fun show!

I kept trying to get a picture of the cars mid-air.


Whoops! Missed it!

Not yet!

So close!

Well, at least I got the big explosion!

They didn't have the jet ski portion of the show. I guess the weather was just a bit too cold for them (whimps!).

We made our way out of the stadium and headed over to use our fastpasses. I got some neat pictures while waiting:

I started wondering out loud if the ride would agree with me. I'm not always good with the motion simulation rides. Mike begged me not to get sick because then he would get sick. Once we were seated, he aimed me away from him so that he would be safe. It was a fun ride, but I can't wait for the refurb. And I didn't get sick! Mike also has amazing will power and even though he claims to be a Star Wars geek, he escaped the Tattooine Traders without making any purchases.

We headed over to the other end of the park and decided on the Tower of Terror. I reminded him that TnT had really splurged for us this year and we were staying in this historic hotel. The wait for our rooms wasn't that long.

The bellman looked familiar, so I had to get a picture with him.

Is this the guy from Samantha Brown's specials?

Once we were loaded into our service elevator, I made sure to let out a blood curdling scream at the first stop (Mike complained about his hearing after that). And then I waited anxiously for the rest of the ride. I managed to put my hands in the air in time for the picture and then promptly grab on to the seat before the next drop.

After they got the elevator under control, they let us out and directed us to the exits. I guess our rooms weren't quite ready yet.

We then decided to head over to my favorite ride ever!

(I never got a picture like this with my old camera!)

The single rider line was closed and there were no more fastpasses AND there was a 70 minute wait. I knew I would be heading back to the park before our trip was over so I left it up to Mike if he wanted to wait that long. Well, we got in line, however, both of us were getting hungry...

Would our hunger hold out until we got on the ride????

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  1. You got some great pictures. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun at MGM (ha, Hollywood Studios) I'm finally almost always able to remember no more MGM and now just say DHS instead as it seems closer :)!