Friday, January 22, 2010

WDW Marathon weekend with Team in Training! Day 1, Part 4, January 7, 2010

This one will be shorter as I don't have as many pictures...

I knew there was a chance that we could get in the single rider line, so we headed over to the ride. Unfortunately, the single rider line was closed and the wait was 70 minutes. We decided to get in line anyways. I snapped this picture while we were waiting:

We had been waiting for about 10-15 minutes when Mike said that his hunger might be winning out. I thought I would be able to wait until we got on the ride. I knew I'd be coming back in the morning, so I gave him the option of waiting or going to get dinner.

He chose dinner.

Well, at least I didn't have to wait in a 70 minute line.

We were both pretty cold so we decided to head inside for our meal. We headed over to see what the wait times were for 50's Prime Time Cafe and Hollywood and Vine (I didn't even think to try the Brown Derby or Mama Melrose, but they are expensive even for Disney). It was a longer wait at 50's Prime Time so we went to Hollywood and Vine. They said about 15-20 minutes, but it didn't seem that long.

We got seated and then made our way up to the buffet. I enjoyed the meal, but nothing in particular stood out. During dinner, I was communicating with one of my friends from the Disboards through Facebook posts to see if we could meet up for Fantasmic.

After paying, we quickly headed over to get seats for Fantasmic. It was the second showing, but I couldn't believe the length of the line! By the time we made it into the arena the seats were almost all gone. We could see some seats at the far left side, but that was where everyone was trying to head. Some people were starting to fill in the standing room only areas too. We went to some seats that we thought were open but they turned out to be reserved for handicapped people. One cast member did say that the seats would likely be opened up to everyone shortly into the show. So we decided to hover. Our strategy worked and as soon as the seats were opened, we sat down.

Of course I love the show. It is my favorite nighttime show in WDW. One funny thing though. The barges with Ariel and Snow White actually collided. Nothing serious, just a bump, but everyone noticed it.

Once the show was over we headed out with the rest of the crowds and made our way to the buses.

One last look at the Christmas tree:

When we got back to the resort I remembered my confusion at bus stop #4 so we hopped off at the main stop. I ran into the building to buy my refillable mug. I was upset with myself because I didn't bring my one from August with me. It is the same design too! (No haters please!) I got one more picture of the tree in the lobby and then headed back to my room to get some sleep and be ready for rope drop the next day!

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