Sunday, January 31, 2010

WDW Marathon weekend with Team in Training! Day 2, Part 2, January 8, 2010

So when I left you, I was on my way to use my fastpass at Toy Story Mania. I ran into some Green Army Men putting some tourists through basic training.

I went through the fast pass line and made my way to the front of the line. Of course, I needed to snap a picture of the glasses:

Here's my score:

Not too bad. I posted it on Twitter and Matt the Esquire complimented my on it. I have to go back and listen to his show again to see where I can get more points.

I then started making my way to the front of the park so that I could head out for my free ride along. High School Musical was out again so I stopped for some more pictures for my office mate. Just one for you though:

I got some pictures of the tree and then made my way to the bus to the Ticket and Transportation Center. I love all of the tree pictures, so you get all of them.

I didn't have to wait very long for the bus to the Ticket and Transportation Center and once I got there, I went over and asked some cast members how to get to the speedway. It was nice and easy. They actually have a shuttle that takes you over for free. Once I got in the shuttle with some other guests, they promptly gave us a release to sign and then we were on our way to the speedway.

The shuttle bus took us under the race track through a tunnel that made us feel like we were getting a bonus roller coaster ride! Once we got there, I handed over my annual pass and ID, and filled out a form for a drawing to win the driving experience. I got myself into a riding suit and then went out to get my helmet and the other gear that was necessary.

Look! There's my car!

You have to wear a helmet (it squished my cheeks together) and a solid plastic harness that attached to the back of the helmet and went over my shoulders. I can say that I was very thankful I didn't wear my jeans that day. My jeans are a little bit tight and in order to get into the car, you need to climb in the window since there are no doors. Once you are in the seat, they strap the back of your helmet and the shoulder piece to the seat and then put the 5-point harness over your shoulders, hips and between your legs (think of a child's car seat).

Once I was fastened in, the driver (Dan) revved the engine and pulled out, then we we on our way! I wish I had looked at the spedometer when we were in the straight-aways, but I did look at it when we were going slow in the curves. Our slowest speed that I saw was 100 miles per hour. Wow! After we were done I told the driver that I didn't think I'd ever be able to enjoy Test Track again.

We got out picture taken, which I purchased (since I didn't need to pay for the ride, I figured that I could get the picture).

After leaving the Speedway, I started to make my way over to Epcot...

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  1. Wow...How cool was that ride along? That was an awesome AP perk - so glad that you got to take advantage of it. Me - I'd make a total fool of myself getting in and out the window. I can see the headlines now - woman gets stuck halfway in, halfway out of race car at Richard Petty Driving Experience in Orlando :)!